Get This Heated Vest For Winter On Sale For 24 Hours Only

Get This Heated Vest For Winter On Sale For 24 Hours Only

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The Finnish believe "there's no such thing as cold weather, just bad clothes," but those jerks have universal healthcare. If they get hypothermia or frostbite, they can just stroll into their local docteria without debating whether to put their cat or their Funko Pops up as collateral.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself some of that friluftsliv without going bankrupt. In fact, with our December Deal of the Day on the Be Warm Heated Vest, you can actually save money. This toasty vest wraps you up in a warm embrace that’s just the right level of intimate. It offers seven heat zones that keep you warm, and each zone has three temperature settings to help you find the right comfort level while the stylish design ensures you don’t look like you waddled out of A Christmas Story.

The vest comes with a cold-resistant battery to power up the heat that’s still skin-friendly, so it won't burn you if it does touch your skin. The side pockets allow you to smuggle all manner of things onto the campsite, and the vest is even waterproof, so run into that freezing rainstorm with wild abandon. Best of all, the vest is easy to use. Just plug the USB inside the inner pocket of the vest into the power bank, turn it on, and choose your desired mode. Before you know it, you'll be saying smug shit like, "Why would anybody want the same exact weather every day of the year?"

This December Deal of the Day is hot, hot, hot! For 24 hours only, you can get the Be Warm Heated Vest for 67% off $149 at just $49.99. Get it in small, medium, large, or XL.

Prices subject to change.

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