Drew Barrymore Wants Cameron Diaz to Do a 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' Remake With Her

Barrymore told Adam Sandler that she thinks she should take over for John Candy
Drew Barrymore Wants Cameron Diaz to Do a 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' Remake With Her

Considering how much we’ve unwillingly learned about Drew Barrymore and her sex life since she began her talk show career with The Drew Barrymore Show this past September, hearing her tell Adam Sandler in the backseat of a minivan that she’s trying to remake the 1987 classic comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Cameron Diaz is a comparatively tame revelation from the movie star and heiress to an acting dynasty.

On yesterday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore was joined by her 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer cast mate Adam Sandler, and the turn-of-the-millennium stars reminisced on their heydays of the late ‘90s to early Aughts. The conversation about their shared comedy history culminated in a bold declaration from Barrymore that she believes that she is fit to assume the role of the loquacious shower curtain ring salesman Del Griffith that was once played by the late comedy legend John Candy.

A fitting response from Sandler would have been, “Sure, then I’ll play you in Fever Pitch with Heidi Klum.”

The pair of old friends went through their shared filmography, including a quick quip from Barrymore when Sandler asked her “Do you remember 50 First Dates?” to which she replied, “No, I don't remember that.” A montage of pictures of a much younger duo of Sandler and Barrymore played while Barrymore ribbed her friend and former co-star for appearing on the cover of the AARP magazine. 

The two actors have apparently remained close since their time together during the peaks of their respective careers – Barrymore and Sandler briefly reunited for the 2014 romcom Blended about a pair of single parents who go on a disastrous blind date, only to unwittingly be stuck together on an African safari with both of their families in tow. Like most late-career Sandler films, Blended was critically panned, landing a 15 percent rating on RottenTomatoes. However, unlike other creative disasters like Grown Ups 2, Blended was also a box office bomb which saw the end of the onscreen chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore – that is, until yesterday's show.

Sandler says that he watches every episode of The Drew Barrymore Show to support his friend. According to Barrymore, The Sandman was also instrumental in getting the show greenlit – Sandler, Diaz, and Lucy Liu all appeared in the pilot episode, and Barrymore credits their participation as the deciding factor that got her talk show approved. When Sandler asked Barrymore to send Diaz his best, that's when Barrymore dropped the bomb that she would like to hijack a piece of comedy history with her Charlie's Angel co-star.

The Sandman told Barrymore that her John Candy impression would always be second to that of Chris Farley – but maybe that will just inspire her to make Tommy Boy 2 with Neve Campbell.

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