Today Only: Get Microsoft Office For $30

Today Only: Get Microsoft Office For $30

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We know it's on your resume, but do you actually know Microsoft Office? When did you learn it? In college? Yeah, right. Google Drive is free. But now that you’re a big kid with a big kid job and a big kid salary, you probably have to use it, so you might as well actually learn how. If your big kid salary isn’t quite as big as you’d like, don’t worry. That’s what Black Friday is for! Today only, we're offering lifetime licenses to Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows for just $29.99. If you find a better price on the world's most ubiquitous office software anywhere, we’ll punch this lady reaching for the same earbuds as us.

You read that right: Mac or Windows. Mac users get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote -- basically everything you need to function as a legitimate grownup -- available for instant delivery and download. Windows users get all those programs plus Publisher and Access, which is nice if you want to make really extensive e-books or manage entire databases. And really, you should. The Amazon marketplace needs your Bigfoot romance fiction.

More importantly, Windows users also get the new ribbon-based user interface, which is such a better way to work in Office. From a single toolbar, you can access all of your tools and customizations across the Office Suite, making it way easier to work on major projects that require multiple programs. Sorry, Mac users. You knew what this was.

It's high time you got Microsoft Office, isn't it? Today only, you can lock in a Black Friday deal on Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Mac or Windows for the best price you'll ever see. Normally $349, they're just $29.99 now.

Prices subject to change.

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