After Twitter unexpectedly closed its offices to all employees yesterday, many users on the platform have begun to eulogize Elon Musk’s newest plaything as he brutally and carelessly dismantles the company like a South African Sid from Toy Story.

The end of the app has never felt more nigh than it does on a day when Musk is desperately begging “anyone who actually writes software” to report to Twitter headquarters. Though the ongoing collapse has given us some of the best comedy content in recent memory, we may be frighteningly close to losing a cheap source of bite-sized bits of humor that has been a bastion of mind-numbing entertainment for so many of us over the years.

As we doomscroll through what could be the last days of a platform that has provided so many laughs, let’s appreciate a few of the tastefully prepared montages of the best posts in Twitter history that have been making one last trip around the trending page:

Rest in Peace Twitter, probably.

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