Most Hilariously Disastrous Weddings In Film History

Most Hilariously Disastrous Weddings In Film History

There are two types of wedding scenes in movies: the ones where everything is perfectly pleasant and romantic and everyone has a great time, and honest ones. Based on the name alone, something tells us The People We Hate at the Wedding falls under the second category. But, just in case it disappoints, and you end up in the mood for watching some people in fancy clothes feeling miserable and stressed out, here's a selection of the best/worst cinematic wedding disasters we could find …

28 Days (2000)


Sandra Bullock, no stranger to ruined nuptials, drunkenly knocks over the wedding cake while dancing with Detective McNulty from The Wire (who has been dipping into the evidence locker, it seems). To her credit, she immediately tries to make this right by going off to find a cake store. Unfortunately, she does this by stealing the "Just Married" limo and crashing it into a house. Oh, and she doesn't remember this yet, but she also used her toast to call the bride (her sister) a gold digger. These are the types of predicaments you sign up for when you invite Bullock to your family event or space mission or whatever. Speaking of unfortunate toasts ... 

27 Dresses (2008)


This one happens during the engagement party, not the wedding, but they called off the engagement because of it so it still counts as a "wedding disaster" in our book. Katherine Heigl's bridezilla sister gives her a pre-written toast with instructions not to change a single word. Heigl decides to supplement it with a slideshow exposing her sister's promiscuity, hatred of dogs and babies, and ... love of ribs? Sure, she lied to her fiance about being a vegetarian, but still, was the rib-shaming really necessary? It's the 21st century, Katherine Heigl. 

Special mention: the bride turns into a literal bridezilla in Monsters vs. Aliens

Bride Wars (2009)


While Anne Hathaway is walking down the aisle, a DVD of her dancing drunk (but not, like, Sandra Bullock drunk) on spring break is projected to the shock of her fiance, Chris Pratt, who sucks and hates fun. Hathaway runs over to Kate Hudson's wedding and pounces on her, blaming her for the DVD prank, and the two fight on the floor while the grooms just stand there, attempting to hide the tents in their pants. It's a pretty embarassing ordeal all around, but on the upside, Hathaway got out of marrying Chris Pratt. Worth it. 

Dr. T and the Women (2000)


This one starts with an open air wedding being disrupted by a wind storm because, as you know, the primitive people of 2000 believed weather forecasts were dangerous witchcraft. Then, the bride makes out with one of her bridesmaids in front of everyone and they run off together, leaving the groom looking slightly inconvenienced. Also, Tara Reid is there, so we assume everyone got eaten by wind-propelled sharks the moment the scene was over. 

Wayne's World 2 (1994)


Imagine you've spent months planning your dream wedding, even going as far as to book one of the most famous churches in California, only for some dude who sounds like Shrek to ruin it by banging on the window while yelling "Cassandraaaaa!" like a maniac (followed by "Sorry, wrong wedding!"). On the other hand, booking the church from The Graduate does seem like asking for trouble. Also, this couple got off easy compared to ... 

Live and Let Die (1973)


A romantic marsh-side wedding is interrupted by a speedboat chasing James Bond, which crashes into the wedding cake and, worst of all, the tent with all the booze. This probably explains why Bond didn't hang around and end up nailing two bridesmaids and the groom's mother (unless it happened rather quickly between shots). 

Special mention: the wedding that got interrupted by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe furtively dumping a corpse on them in The Nice Guys

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)


Sonic's adoptive human dad, James Marsden, ruins his sister-in-law's Hawaiian wedding by punching the groom and causing a cartoon hedgehog, a cartoon fox, and a tremendous amount of snow to teleport in the middle of the ceremony. Then it turns out that the groom and half the guests were actually government agents in a secret mission to catch Sonic, to the confusion and despair of the bride and every fan in the audience wondering why this is happening in a Sonic movie (they could have at least made it a furry wedding so that it was somewhat on brand for the franchise). 

Melancholia (2011)


First, the bride and groom are late to their own wedding reception due to car troubles, then her divorced parents insult each other and make a scene, then her boss giver her work during the wedding, and then, having reached a tipping point, she cheats on her new husband and quits her job and marriage. But hey, it's not the end of the world; that's on the second half of the movie.

Wild Tales (2014)


When a bride finds out her brand spanking new husband has been cheating on her during the wedding reception, she has sex with a kitchen worker, threatens to systematically ruin the groom's life, "accidentally" slams the other woman into a mirror, and orders the photographer to film her mother-in-law weeping over the ruined event. As if that wasn't awkward enough for the other guests, the bride and groom end up reconciling in a rather ... enthusiastic way, right in front of everyone. Surely the beginning of a healthy and prosperous marriage. 

MacGruber (2010)


MacGruber, having already lost one fiancee to his arch-nemesis Dieter Von Cunth during a previous wedding, manages to push her new one out of the way of an explosion and save her (but not the poor priest). MacGruber defeats Cunth in the final confrontation, but it's almost not worth it because he finds out his enemy has already lost his dingus, thus robbing the hero of his desired revenge. He has to content himself with simply throwing Cunth off a cliff, shooting at him an improbable number of times as he falls, and peeing on his corpse, all of this in front of the wedding guests. Is this the most disastrous wedding in film history or the greatest one? It can be both. 

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