Will Ferrell Brings The Prosthetic Testicles From 'Step Brothers' To Dinner Parties

Ferrell keeps his favorite "souvenir" in a special box that he only breaks out on special occasions.
Will Ferrell Brings The Prosthetic Testicles From 'Step Brothers' To Dinner Parties

It’s not unusual to steal a souvenir when leaving a job – in the same way that office workers snag staplers or pencil sharpeners on their way out, movie stars swipe their own “office supplies” whenever they finish a film. 

Compared to the average worker’s collection of three-ring binders and mousepads, Will Ferrell’s hoard of confiscated company property is slightly more salacious. Yesterday, the comedy legend appeared on the UK’s This Morning to promote his newest festive film, Spirited, and he revealed some nutty facts about the mementos he’s accumulated over his thirty year career in entertainment. Fittingly, the crown jewel of Ferrell’s collection is a pair of crown jewels – said Ferrell of his souvenirs, “the most valuable one is from Step Brothers – some testicles.” 

Ferrell fans remember the scene well – in the 2008 comedy masterpiece Step Brothers, Ferrell’s character of Brennan is warned not to touch the drum set of his new step brother Dale, played by John C. Reilly. Brennan responds by abusing the drum set with every “weapon” available. The ensuing fight marked the turning point for their relationship, as the enemies grew to become “best friends” in the aftermath of the skirmish.

The comically plastic prosthetics from the scene now live in a “special box” that Ferrell breaks out only on special occasions. Said the Spirited star, “I bring them out for dinner parties,” because nothing goes better with hors d'oeuvres than giant, jiggling, rubber gonads. 

There sadly wasn’t enough time in the interview about a family Christmas movie to go deeper into Ferrell’s fascination with fake genitals, so we can only speculate about what else might be in the movie star’s souvenir collection. Hopefully he still has that backpack full of dildos from The Goods.

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