Pete Davidson Melted Down Like the Candles He Tossed All Over His Trailer

The U.S. Sun has shed some light on the incendiary incident.
Pete Davidson Melted Down Like the Candles He Tossed All Over His Trailer

Kim Kardashian’s ex-boy toys are on a tear lately. This past Thursday, professional boyfriend Pete Davidson had a fiery meltdown during production of his upcoming series Bupkis, presumably because the Staten Island heartthrob had been burning the candle at both ends in preparation for his self-written, self-produced semi-autobiographical comedy, which co-stars Joe Pesci as a fictionalized version of Davidson’s grandfather. The show is due to be released next year on Peacock.

An insider was able to shed some light on the situation in a conversation with The U.S. Sun after it was revealed that Davidson was stepping away from production to “focus on himself.” The tabloids had caught the scent of drama, and the source wasted no time waxing poetic about the incendiary incident during which Davidson “threw two candles through his trailer and damaged a second truck's windshield.” Which, when compared to the meltdown of Kardashian’s other newsworthy ex, is a much more forgivable flicker of fury.

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Hopefully Pesci can snuff out the drama

"He also threw coffee on the walls and broke a TV in half inside his trailer," the source revealed of the 28 year-old SNL alumnus whose off-screen antics are typically more romantic than trashing his own trailer on the set of his own TV show. "Apparently, Pete's been given some time off to get his s**t together and focus on himself."

Production for big budget television shows is a notoriously taxing process, and it’s unsurprising that writing, producing, and starring in Bupkis would prove stressful to the point of provoking a full on meltdown. Hopefully, time away from the show will wick away some of the frustration Davidson has been feeling about the action-comedy that will be Pesci’s first project since 2019’s The Irishman.

According to the NYPD, no police report was filed over the eruption. Davidson’s representatives could have handled this by simply stating, “It was all just an unfortunate waxident.”

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