Padma Lakshmi Loves ‘I Think You Should Leave,’ Doesn’t Wanna Be Around Anymore on Halloween

Padma Lakshmi Loves ‘I Think You Should Leave,’ Doesn’t Wanna Be Around Anymore on Halloween

Every year, A-list celebrities use Halloween as an excuse to show off their fun side while still maintaining a dignified air of glitz and glamor. Author, model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is no different — she revealed her equally silly and sultry Halloween costume inspiration on Twitter yesterday, and it's a lot.

Lakshmi couldn’t have chosen a better outfit to demonstrate her sophistication and her sense of humor than with the Carl Havoc costume from I Think You Should Leave. It comes as no surprise that a Top Chef host has good taste, and this costume choice is downright red-carpet worthy. Of course, the arduous hours of makeup and the sheer physical toll of the ensemble is notoriously taxing, as noted by its original wearer. Lakshmi would be incredibly courageous to don the garb, if the suit ends up being her final decision for the season’s festivities.

The incredible cultural permeation of Tim Robinson’s bizarre sketch show I Think You Should Leave is one of the most surprising and encouraging phenomena in the last decade of comedy. For a series as deliberately off-putting as I Think You Should Leave, the awkward, brazen and chaotically silly brand of surreal sketch comedy has attracted a vast and diverse following, which apparently includes award-winning models and authors.

Though Lakshmi hasn’t made her final decision yet, there’s no doubt that the acclaimed TV host could pull off the outfit that made Carmine Laguzio lose his will to live. If she does go that route, she should try to be careful — we hear the chin kills.

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