This Twitter Feed Turns Violins into Instruments of Violence

'Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras' provides an endless stream of melodic madness
This Twitter Feed Turns Violins into Instruments of Violence

Yesterday, we gave you a taste of the creatively disgusting food-based Twitter account “F’ed Up Foods.” The internet is apparently obsessed with cursed combinations of what should be incredibly benign household items, which is why our new favorite Twitter feed is Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras, a 10-month-old account that posts pictures of uniquely deranged instruments of chaos, like this double-mouthed trombone or an organ made out of exhaust pipes.

The new era of Internet Carrot Tops has brought back prop humor in the most preposterous and anarchic fashion, and Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras manages to completely deliver on its promise to bring its followers the most frenzied flutes, messed-up mandolins and barbaric banjos on the web. In other words: Get ready for some assault violins.

Music memes are nothing new to internet culture, but Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras is one of the few popular accounts that attempts to truly erode our sanity with melodic mayhem. Sometimes it’s not the instruments themselves that provide the madness, but the way they are used — like when this maniac decided to dice a hard-boiled egg with the strings of their guitar.

There are, of course, plenty of crowd-pleasers that cater to the most common comedic sensibilities in the online community. Custom meme instruments are a regular part of Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras. Who doesn’t love a good fishnet Patrick guitar?

Mistreatment of instruments is also a go-to hit for the feed — sometimes they’ll post a video of a skateboarder grinding on the keys of an antique piano. The page certainly evokes Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty as it assaults our sensibilities and the instruments themselves with trombone flamethrowers or violin beehives.

But it’s not all destruction and desecration — sometimes you get a lighthearted post like a picture of an AK-47 with the phrase “This Machine Makes Folk Music” scratched into its side. Along those lines, the qualities on display in the feed embody not just chaos, but creativity, cleverness and an air of endless possibilities. Who among us could have envisioned the corner piano or built our own guitable?

Chaotic comedy has been popular on the internet for ages, and it’s important to have custodians of the anarchy like the minds behind Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras who will bless us with an endless stream of unbridled musical madness. One day, someone will play a ballad for the heroes of Musical Instruments with Chaotic Auras. And they will play it on a denim guitar in the key of jeans.

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