'Friends': 15 Moments That Haven't Aged Well

'Friends': 15 Moments That Haven't Aged Well

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Excuse us, everyone? Brief announcement before we get started: stop peeing on Friends locations. We thought we were clear on this one. Okay, please be seated. We know it's been a while since we've all seen each other. But we gather here today to celebrate friendship—wait, it says we gather here today to say you all suck at being friends? That can't be right: 

Friends Forgot to Never Forget 9/11

9/11 fire truck

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We don't care how sensitive a topic it was. We don't care about “too soon.” If ever there was a time for a very special episode, it was on the show centered in New York City during the most consequential moment in New York City history. We're not asking for “The One Where Phoebe Finds Out She's In A Robert Pattinson Movie” or “The One Where Joey Questions Jet Fuel Melting Steel Beams.” Just the single, smallest modicum of courage from the writers to, if not meet the moment, at least glance in the moment's direction. Perhaps with a signature Tribbiani head nod.

Dear Our Younger Readers: POC Lived In NY In The 90s

Look, we can believe a group of friends being all-white. That's not a crime, and thanks to (gestures wildly at the entirety of American history), not all that uncommon. But David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Lisa Kudrow self-righteously defending the lack of diversity in the show is hogwash. If you live in a major American city, have a job, are a regular at a coffee shop, are actively dating, and still 90% of the people you interact with are white? Maybe look in the mirror. Kauffman did. 

Fat-Shaming Monica

From Monica's fatness being portrayed as the worst moment of her life to the lazy cliche of having her eat a donut in a fat suit…not a great look. And we don't mean Monica. 

Rachel's Haircut

Rachel Green

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“The Rachel” was most definitely A Moment. But it literally didn't age well, like, as a hairstyle to maintain. Even Aniston thought it was a pain in the ass: “I think it's the ugliest haircut I've ever seen. I was totally left with this frizzy mop on my head because I had no idea how to do what (stylist Chris McMillan) did.”

That Time Phoebe Causes A Massive Panic On A Plane

Phoebe busking

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So the show can't address 9/11, but in episode 11 of Season Five, Phoebe calls in a threat to a plane. The episode aired in 1999, but it proves the show was aware that bad things can happen on planes. 

The Way They Talk To Each Other

All this boils down to a simple fact: the friends on Friends don't really act like friends all that much. They trade pointed barbs as like, a default method of communication. They're manipulative and mean. The thing about moments is they eventually build into your entire life. It's important to consider the cumulative effect of moments, especially the ones that live on forever in memories of your friends. 

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