This XBOX Bundle Is For Super Gamers

Play your games and build them, too.
This XBOX Bundle Is For Super Gamers

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Gaming is a magical thing that gets its hooks in you and just doesn't let go, but when that shine begins to wear just a little, you need ways to get yourself back to the honeymoon period when you first got your XBOX. Well, we've got an idea for you out of our Deal Days collection. The 2023 Ultimate XBOX Game Developer Bundle is made just for people like you who want to have their game cake and eat it, too. Or, you know, play lots of games but also build their own games from scratch.

The bundle is headlined by a three-month subscription to XBOX Live Gold, the most reliable, fastest console network and one of the best online gaming communities around. With XBOX Live Gold, you'll be able to play online any time you want, find new people to play with using Clubs and Looking for Group, and delve into massive multiplayer action in a heartbeat. The network is powered by more than 300,000 servers and cloud-hosted to reduce lag and cheating.

In addition to online play, XBOX Live Gold gives you access to two to four free games every month, major discounts in the XBOX Store, and eight courses on game development and design from Zenva Academy (4.4/5-star instructor rating), which introduce you to Unreal Engine through practical courses. From RPGs to platformers, first-person shooters, and more, the project-based courses will give you hands-on practice with one of the gaming industry's most popular tools.

Play your games and build them, too. During Deal Days, you can get The 2023 Ultimate XBOX Game Developer Bundle for just $19.99, half off the normal $39.99 price.

Prices are subject to change.

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