13 Best Horror Mods To Play For Halloween

Done playing all popular horror games before Halloween? Time to spice things up via top tier fan content.
13 Best Horror Mods To Play For Halloween

One of the easiest ways to create effective horror is by distorting something one finds familiar into an absolute nightmare. What better way to achieve that than to mod unsuspecting beloved games and turn them into full-blown horror experiences?

Another princess is in our castle turns Super Mario 64 into survival horror


Because Mario will never allow Luigi to have anything good for himself, Super Mario fans created Another Princess is in our Castle, a mod that turns Super Mario 64 into a first-person horror adventure that's way scarier than Luigi's Mansion.

Cry Of Fear for Half-Life


The people behind Cry Of Fear wisely noticed Half-Life's many horror elements and decided to give the longtime fan-favorite the extra push it needed to enter full-on horror territory. The result is a game that's not just the scariest Half-Life mod but also something scarier than many big-budget horror titles.

Resident Overmind for Starcraft 2

Activision Blizzard

Anyone thinking StartCraft 2 could very well turn into a horror-survival adventure is right, and the proof lies within Resident Overmind, an exploration/survival mod that puts players in the shoes of one Terran soldier desperately fighting for survival on an alien planet.

Dear Esther began as a Half-Life 2 mod


Dear Esther is so good it became a critically acclaimed stand-alone adventure title, but players can always go back to play its ‘08’s spooky beginnings as a source engine mod.

Face off against Teletubbies in Left 4 Dead


Hyped for the upcoming video game adaptation of Killer Klowns From Outer Space (yes, they're making that)? Then there's no better way to start than by playing this mod that turns Left 4 Dead into something somehow even creepier: Left 4 Teletubbies, which is Left 4 Dead but against hordes of those nasty kid-friendly aliens. Legend tells that their tv bellies play The Ring 24/7.

Lady Dimitrescu x Pyramid Head


The popularity of Lady Dimitrescu, the huge vampire lady from Resident Evil Village is only comparable to that of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, so a wise modder decided to give gamers a marriage made in hell that is this mod where Lady Dimitrescu wears Mr. Pyramid Head's, well, pyramid Head. It's not even particularly scary, but we're pretty sure it will entice a lot of fans – and nobody is judging.

Fallout 4 - Pilgrim Dread the commonwealth turns Fallout 4 into even more of a post-apocalyptic horror tale


Fallout 4 is yet another game with huge untapped horror potential that modders realized to its full potential via Fallout 4 - Pilgrim Dread The Commonwealth, a mod that adds a bunch of cool spooky weather effects and music inspired by Robert Eggers' The VVitch.

Become creepy Gepetto in Skyrim


Horror mods draw their scary juice out of putting players in positions of powerlessness in the face of who knows how many monstrosities, but this Skyrim mod actually turns players into the all-powerful thing that others should fear. The ultra-creepy “Craftable followers” mod for Skyrim gives players the power to create their own wooden people, give them life, become their god, marry them and then repopulate the world with incredibly scary-looking doll-like people.

Doom II Total Chaos


It's not every day that we see a mod that looks much better than the original game, but the original game in question here is DOOM II, so let's up the ante. How many times have you seen a horror mod that looks much better than most horror games? That sure is the case with Total Chaos, an incredibly gorgeous total conversion/revamp of the very old classic.

Resident Evil 2 VR


The Resident Evil 2 remake absolutely rocks, but there's one thing it sorely misses in comparison to Resident Evil VII, an official Virtual Reality option. While there's not much that modders can do for the "official" part of the equation, they sure have come up with a VR mod that introduces the first-person perspective of newer RE titles to Resident Evil 2, and it looks better than ever.

The Forgotten City

Modern Storyteller

Forgotten City began as a Skyrim mod, and though not a straight-up horror game, it does a great job of combining horrific concepts such as having to relive the same day forever, golden monsters, and the ever-present fear that any less-than-stellar decision might lead everyone to become forever entrapped in a golden husk.

Sereno on Dreams?

Media Molecule

Dreams is an instant PS4 classic that invites players to create their own games on its engine and play games made by other members of the community. Ironically, it's also great at creating nightmares as evidenced by Sereno, a masterful horror experience that's likely to catch many innocent members of the Dreams user base off guard.

P.T. on Minecraft

Mojang, Konami

The many who were sad they could no longer play P.T. because Konami killed the Silent Hills project have a reason to rejoice as they can now play it... in Minecraft. While not a 1:1 conversion, this mod is surprisingly good at replicating many of P.T.s beats.

Top Image: Capcom

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