'DOOM' and 'Wolfenstein' Designer John Romero Is Making A New Game

'DOOM' and 'Wolfenstein' Designer John Romero Is Making A New Game

We know John Romero either for being the man who brainstormed First Person Shooter genre into existence or for being the man who nearly destroyed the video game ad industry, so that's two good things. After making Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake, Romero left his team at Id to create Ion Storm and make Daikatana, a game that somehow rocked on the Gameboy but just didn't work on the PC. After the dissolution of Ion Storm for Daikatana-related reasons, Romero created Romero's Games, a company whose employees had previously worked on a multitude of massive series like FarCry, Crysis, Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite, and The Division, but it has been a long while since Romero has made a game of his own. That's about to change.

John Romero's head easter egg in DOOM 2

Id, John Romero

Fun fact: he's also the literal brains behind the demons in the original DOOM.

Romero just announced that his company is now actively working on a still unknown project and that he's hiring talented and hardworking folk interested in Unreal Engine 5. The man has been on a pretty long sabbatical, so one can only wonder what awesome new concepts he's come up with in the meantime. While we can't confirm the existence of an insider on this one, we're just gonna go ahead and say that the game is going to be about shooting stuff.

Original DOOM art shows surprisingly happy demons


Fun Fact: DOOM was so good that even the demons that are being slaughtered seem to be enjoying the hell out of it.

To get a better idea of what Romero would be making nowadays, one can play Empire Of Sin, Romero's games' take on a mafia sim, or even play One Humanity, a level for the original DOOM that Romero made this very year just so he could raise money to help Ukrainian relief.

Top Image: Id Software

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