Iron Crotch: The Ancient Martial Art Of Junk Crushing

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Iron Crotch: The Ancient Martial Art Of Junk Crushing

In Juntun village, near Luoyang in China, there has long existed a special type of Tongbeiquan kung fu. This martial art focuses on striking sensitive parts of your own body, to strengthen them, till you feel no pain. 

To train in this manner, you must strike your own neck (“iron throat”), your back (“iron back”). And, yes, you must hit your most vulnerable parts of all. This ultimate technique is called iron crotch, and the man in training must target his own genitals.

He must not merely hit or kick his own crotch. This wouldn’t exert enough force, your own self-preservation instincts would restrain you, and it may require impossible contortions. Instead, the proper tool is a 90-pound log, tipped with steel. The log hangs, like a battering ram. Then he or a partner  pulls it back and drives it at the kung fu acolyte groin. Observe:

That’s a Reuters video—this is no hoax or Jackass stunt. The village has followed the practice for centuries, and that 65-year-old expert has been a devotee since his teen years. His name is Wang Liutai. Yes, his name is Wang. 

The village kept iron crotch to themselves for a long time, but they finally sought publicity a few years ago out of fear that the tradition may otherwise die out. When Reuters visited Juntun in 2020, only five people were well versed in iron crotch, while records previously spoke of 80 experts practicing it at once. 

Naturally, some cowardly outsiders might fear permanently damaging themselves by such powerful repeated genital trauma. Wang insists that once you’re used to it, it’s totally painless, and it leaves no lasting damage on the fragile reproductive system. We have no doctors weighing in on this, but for what it’s worth, despite having swung a log at his testicles throughout his adult life, Wang managed to father two children.

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