15 Viral Videos From The Early Internet That Still Hold Up

15 Viral Videos From The Early Internet That Still Hold Up

Most comedy isn't evergreen - as the times change, so does the public's taste in humor. A great example is how hard it can be to find a video from the 2000s that you used to love and still manages to make you laugh to this day. Well, we've saved you the trouble and compiled the 15 that still make us laugh like the day we found them.

Rejected - (2000)

Don Hertzfeldt released this compilation of rejected cartoons in 2000 and actually went on to win an Oscar for the short film. This one was definitely in my back pocket for when I needed pull up a YouTube video in a friend’s family computer room.

Lazy Sunday - (2006)

The Lonely Island’s digital shorts from SNL were some of the earliest viral hits on YouTube, locking Samberg in place to completely revitalize the way the show made content. "Lazy Sunday" with Chris Parnell was so popular they even recreated the video in The Office with Michael and Dwight’s song "Lazy Scranton."

White And Nerdy - (2006)

Nothing had a choke hold on my 5th-grade classroom like Weird Al’s video for "White and Nerdy" released back in ‘06. Weird Al is no stranger to creating viral hits with his music, but “White and Nerdy” seemed to reach otherworldly levels of popularity. 

Shoes - (2007)

Liam Kyle Sullivan changed my life forever the day he released “Shoes” on YouTube. The song and music video felt so high quality yet low budget that it blew my nine-year-old brain and inspired me to start making videos like it. Liam Kyle Sullivan was on hiatus for several years to start a family, but has recently returned to the YouTube landscape, and has been donning his Kelly costume yet again.

Farting Preacher  - (1990)

This video of the farting preacher Robert Tilton was actually viral PRE-internet. According to one viewer, they received their first copy of the Farting preacher VHS in 1990, as the tapes had been passed around and sold to many college students. It’s the oldest joke in history but can still make anyone smile, even God.

Miss Teen USA South Carolina Answers A Question - (2007)

You know this is a true early internet viral sensation as the teen in question, Caitlin Upton, was the second ever Web Redemption on Tosh.0. The video encompasses all the stereotypes of the pageant circuit. Today, Upton still has a great sense of humor about the video.


While the video is commonly known as “HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA,” the music video of He-Man belting out “What’s Up” by Four Non-Blondes is actually a song called “Fabulous Secret Powers” by Slackcircus. This video made deep waves on the internet when it was released in 2005 and somehow made a great song even better.

The Daxflame Superman Saga - (2007)

This. This right here. Perhaps the greatest two consecutive YouTube videos ever posted. Any fan of Nathan Fielder should take some time to appreciate the video diaries of Daxflame, the socially awkward teen just trying his best at school. The art of posting a video about how excited you are to go to school in your Superman costume, only to follow it up with a video saying you had the worst day of your life because “Celebrity Day is next Friday,” is akin to The Sistine Chapel.

Groovin’ Granny - (2005)

If you had an email account in 2006, you might remember Flowgo, king of the email chain video. Flash videos of babies singing Opera about poop and grandma’s swinging their boobs were some of the big hitters. Groovin’ Granny was an icon of her time, and put out her best work in her song about boobs, “My Gazongas.”

The Crichton Leprechaun - (2006)

This news story, that aired back in 2006, feels exactly like a perfectly constructed Key & Peele sketch. The quotes from the video are endless. “Who else seen the leprechaun say ‘YEAH!’” “Could be a crackhead that got a hold on the wrong stuff.” “This is a special leprechaun flute.”

The Grape Lady - (2007)

There was no escaping the Grape Lady when this video came out. People falling down is always going to be funny, but when it’s accompanied by the sounds of a camel being split open, it gets even better. “I think she’s actually hurt there. Ouch.”

Sneezing Baby Panda (2006)

It seemed the “Sneezing Baby Panda” video was king of the internet for years after it was released on November 6th, 2006. If you ever were having a bad day you could go on YouTube, rewatch this baby panda scaring the sh*t out of its mom, and instantly feel whole again.

The Landlord - (2007)

This golden video from Funny Or Die basically established the site as internet comedy mother lode. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and McKay’s daughter, Pearl McKay, came together to create one of the most adorable yet hilarious videos on the net. In an interview with Vice, Pearl McKay said, “I was like two years old so I don't remember filming the video.” Well said, Pearl!

Self Defense - (2006)

Derrick Comedy was the initial stomping grounds for the Childish Gambino himself, Donald Glover, in addition to Dominic Dierkes, and DC Pierson. In Self Defense, Dominic explains the best self-defense tips possible if you already have a gun on you.

Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears - (2007)

Neil Cicierega probably created a handful of your favorite early flash videos and songs, like Potter Puppet Pals, The Ultimate Showdown, and Brodyquest. The internet virality savant released an animated version of Potter Puppet Pals on Newgrounds in 2003 but went on to recreate the flash animations with real puppets in 2007.

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