It's Time To Get An Adult Wallet

Stop fumbling around and making a fool of yourself in the line at the coffee shop.
It's Time To Get An Adult Wallet

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There comes a time in every person's life when they assess the bulk in their pockets and ask themselves, "Why the hell am I trying to look like I have giant thigh tumors?" Then they apply their considerable deduction skills to the problem and think to themselves, "Wow, my wallet still has my student ID, an Arby's gift card that expired in 2014, and literal friggin' Kohl's Cash in it." If you’ve found yourself at such embarrassing lows, it's time to get it together and treat yourself to a PulseX1 Ultra Slim Wallet.

This Indiegogo-funded wallet is made for adults who want to have some semblance of order in their lives. The patent-pending expandable design can carry up to 15 cards so you don't have to sacrifice too much while you reduce the bulk in your everyday carry. Plus, a SnapTrack channel feeds an elastic strap around the wallet to keep your cash firmly in place without adding any extra thickness. There are also two-thumb access areas, allowing you to easily whip out your most commonly used cards so you're not fumbling around and making a fool of yourself in the line at the coffee shop.

The minimalist wallet is CNC machined from solid metal, giving it a modern, stylish look that will fit right in at all those street art collectives you like to hang around. It also offers RFID protection to keep your information secure from all those sneaky hackers running around those places.

Get yourself a minimalist wallet that costs a fraction as much as some of the more popular slim wallets or leather billfolds you see at fancy artisan shops or Urban Outfitters. For a limited time, you can grab the PulseX1 Ultra Slim Wallet for 14% off $42 at just $35.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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