'Call Of Duty' Ripped Off DrDisrespect's Weird NFT Game

We make the words of the Godzilla voyeur our own: LET THEM FIGHT.
'Call Of Duty' Ripped Off DrDisrespect's Weird NFT Game

If there's one thing the whole Internet should agree on is that DrDisrespect is the epitome of cool – at least up until the moment we learn the first thing about him. Still, that doesn't mean we can't jump on his defense in an attempt to try and take down an even worse enemy, or at least until we gain his trust and we can take them both down at once. Yeah, it turns out that just a week after Call Of Duty got a lot of crap for ripping a cute puppy skin off (figuratively), fans caught Activision red-handed in the act of ripping off the skin of a character from DrDisrespect's upcoming game, Deadrop.

This is weird for many reasons. One, Guy Beahm, the man that the people responsible for banning Twitch scoundrels know as DrDisrespect used to work for the Call Of Duty series, so this feels like either some sort of comeuppance or proof that Activision higher-ups believe they own the souls of their ex-employees forever. 

Dr Disrespect and his shades


The joke's on them. The doc has no soul.

To make it even weirder, the Deadrop skin wasn't made by Beahm himself, but by an artist called Robert Bowling. He is, you guessed it, also an ex-Activision employee.

This was such a dumb move because there's no way Activision would've gotten away with it. We mostly know DrDisrespect for being very loud about things, regardless of whether they're smart things or not, so chances are he'll squeeze his previous employer as hard as he can. That would be cool, actually, if not for the fact that DrDisrespect's game isn't cool at all either. Deadrop is an NFT-powered endeavor, and we all know how those tend to go. The quote “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” rings true even if the guy who gets credit for it definitely stole it from someone else. Activision shouldn't be flattering Deadrop's blockchain-bound art even if it's doing so in such a crappy way.

Top Image: Midnight Society

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