Gaming Characters That Were Blatantly Plagiarized

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Gaming Characters That Were Blatantly Plagiarized

Sure, cool original characters are hard to come by. It’s not like there’s a whole industry and multiple professions dedicated to doing just tha- wait. Hold on one second, unique characters are a huge part of game design. And the world of game design is also very, very small. So why in cold, Xbox hell did these games think no one would notice that these characters were plagiarized?

Battle Pup


Sail Lin/Actvision

Same and Same.

Recently Call of Duty: Vanguard got accused of cribbing a fluffy pup design for an upcoming skin release. The original creator, Sail Lin, is a concept artist who posted a design of a big, adorable quadruped Samoyed two years ago. Check out the rest of their designs because they’re freaking cool. Activision, a company with a history of being sh*tty, took down the skin because it’s real hard to deny plagiarism accusations when so many details, the pattern of the scarf and head shape for example, are exactly the same. Dogs shouldn’t be in active combat anyways.

More like FortWRONG



I mean, what a great haircut.

Riot’s Valorant tries to keep a steady stream of new Agents flowing into the game. And coming up with a whole ass person must be hard work because it looks like someone definitely phoned it in here. The vest, the gold details, the rolled up sleeves, the awesome, very cool and sexy haircut which only really great people everyone loves have, all look very familiar to Fortnite players with the Midas skin. (Author’s note: can you guess what my haircut looks like?)

Same Actor, Same Character


Activison/Clayton Haugen


Oh Activision, you just can’t quit can ya? They got into hot water again when they hired Alex Zedra to portray ‘Mara’ in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Totally normal and necessary industry procedure. Except they allegedly asked Zedra to bring in the same costumes, hair extension, and recreate their makeup exactly like they had for photos an author had taken to pitch his book to Hollywood for a film adaptation. The author, Clayton Haugen sued Activision, claiming that Activision had used the pictures he’d commissioned for his work to model their character after. Looking past the fact he gave the character the egregious name “Cade Janus”, that’s still very uncool of Activision.

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