'Super Punch-Out!!' Versus Mode Discovered 28 Years Later

Definitely not something that would've made the original even more fun, right?
'Super Punch-Out!!' Versus Mode Discovered 28 Years Later

The Punch-Out series of games are known for weird secrets that took literal decades to uncover, which means that they're even better than real boxing when it comes to scheming skills. It was only nearly 30 years after the release of the original Punch-Out that some genius discovered a hidden way to knock out two of its toughest opponents, so everyone immediately assumed that'd be the last we'd ever uncover from this surprisingly illusive series. We were wrong, however, because Super Punch-Out!!, the sequel for the SNES original, features an even more interesting hidden feature: 2-player mode. 

a fight from the original punch out


“There's no way this could ever work as a 2-player game” - Definitely not a fake-mustache-wearing Sega spy at a Nintendo meeting.

Yeah, another staple of this fighting series is the fact that it very counterproductively decided to stay single-player for most games in the franchise. That problem is no more, however, courtesy of Twitter user Unlisted Cheats. This mysterious user just revealed that players can input a secret cheat code that will allow the second player to gain control of the opponent, thus technically unlocking a versus mode. The code is very simple to input, as it just requires players to hold the R and Y buttons on the main menu, then press either A or Start on the first controller. The code works on cartridges and also on the virtual versions from the SNES emulator and on the SNES mini version.

 Why the hell would they hide such a glorious feature, anyway? Just to mess with us? Not that unlikely, considering this is Nintendo we're talking about.

Top Image: Nintendo

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