Tekken's Creator Trolled The World With Bonkers 'Tekken 8' Announcement

And it was still better than the serious 'Street Fighter 6' announcement.
Tekken's Creator Trolled The World With Bonkers 'Tekken 8' Announcement

EVO, the greatest fighting game tournament in the world, the one that's still home to the greatest moment in competitive gaming history came to a close over the weekend after a cliffhanger worthy of the WWE. On top of a lot of fun stuff like two Multiversus underdogs materializing out of nowhere and crushing everyone with characters everyone saw as subpar, we also had a gloriously mysterious look into the future of Tekken.

Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of the Tekken series rightly belongs on the roster of the most beloved devs of all time because the man really lives for this stuff. The man never misses an EVO, and he never misses a chance to troll his fans in hilarious fashion. After the big Tekken 7 tournament culminated with South Korean player Knee getting crowned the annual king of the iron fist, the organizers at EVO played what was supposed to be a Tekken 7 video announcing tournaments and the regular updates. But, once the video was done, they played the ending cutscene from the original Tekken where Kazuya throws Heihachi his not-so-beloved father off of a cliff.

Nowadays, that scene is now seen as hilarious because boy that CGI hasn't aged well, but before fans got to catch their breath, the whole thing transforms into a current-gen CGI video. It looks great, for a second, then it just cuts to black.

No new title logo is shown, which is better than just showing off an uninspired and still ripped-off title logo than the one from Street Fighter 6, but that left us all wondering. Is it Tekken 8? Tekken 1 Remastered? An elaborate troll or just bad marketing? We don't know. No problem, though, as Harada then showed up. He was surely going to explain what the hell was happening, right? Nope, he just joined the mosh pit composed of bewildered event casters for a few seconds and then he just peaces out with a troll grin too large to hide under his mask.

(see at 3:50)

The only thing we know about the upcoming game is that we'll be seeing more of it at the next The Game Awards.

Top Image: Bandai Namco

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