The New PlayStation Plus Allows Players To Buy 'Tekken 2' for $10,000

Hey, it's an antique!
The New PlayStation Plus Allows Players To Buy 'Tekken 2' for $10,000

Who doesn't love Tekken 2, the legendary PS1 title that revolutionized the fighting gaming industry by making so much money that Namco got to make the actually-revolutionary Tekken 3? Well then, we have good news because the new Playstation Plus system is now live and players can finally get this classic for the measly sum of ten goddamn grand.

Sony, Bandai Namco

No, this is not some weird Tekken 2 NFT, this is the real deal.

This is just a mistake in the system (the first and last one we'll tolerate), as Tekken 2 isn't meant to be for sale, but rather a free game to all subscribers of the PS Plus Premium tier (sorry to the very rich people out there). This beautiful flub naturally became every gamer's go-to joke of the day.

The original tweet got over 30 thousand likes (over 100 now), so the original poster joked how that's 3 whole Tekken 2s.

It got so large that even Katsuhiro Harada, the man who came up with Tekken, got in on the joke, congratulating Sony for the “marvelous pricing.”

The fighting game community loves Harada, and we totally understand how he's using this situation to make sure that all the fighting sticks he's signed in the past get the proper reevaluation

In more serious news regarding the new PS Plus system, we're happy to find out that Sony has seen the error of their ways with the PS1 Classic, a console that for some reason mostly contained inferior versions of our beloved games, and has already stacked their games library with the best possible versions of their classics. We can't wait until they finally make Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 2 available with its entire soundtrack so that we can make a full endorsement of the new system.

Top Image: Bandai Namco

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