This Belt Stimulates Your Core GOOD

This Belt Stimulates Your Core GOOD

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We might be a little late in the season to get into your summer body, but that doesn't mean you can't adopt some healthy habits that will help you put on a little less hibernation weight this fall. Fortunately, there is all kinds of technology to help you maximize your workouts and keep that grizzly bear belly at bay.

For example, the Ab Stimulator can help you stay consistent and get more out of your workouts. This easy-to-use belt wraps around your middle and trains your muscles to work together, both when you're in the midst of a workout and when you're just sitting at your desk. It can stimulate your core while you're plugging info into spreadsheets so you feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger breaking a mental sweat. Then, when you're at the gym, it will compress as you work to actually help you trigger more activity.

The Ab Stimulator can help tone your muscles, speed up muscle recovery, correct muscular imbalances, reduce muscle loss, and improve your range of motion while you're working out. There are no batteries required — just recharge it with a USB cable. Plus, it's made from environmentally-friendly materials and includes ten massage modes and 20 intensity levels, allowing you to completely customize your experience.

Let's be real: We're all going in the wrong direction in this heat wave. You might as well try to right the fitness ship somehow. For a limited time, you can get the Ab Stimulator for $149. Make frequent use of it and you might just feel like it pays for itself!

Prices are subject to change.

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