'The Sims 4' Has A New Glitch That's Killing Everyone

'The Sims 4' Has A New Glitch That's Killing Everyone

Remember when getting rid of one of our sims required having them swim in a pool and then removing the ladders? Neither do we, but we've heard of awful people doing that way back in the day. The Sims series has always been home to a slew of gloriously wacky glitches, but nothing of the lethal sort. The short recorded history of The Sims has only ever told tales of glitches that are sex-related, horse related, and sometimes both. It's the first time in history that these gibberish-speaking creatures are dealing with a glitch that brings about not just random death, but collective death. 

the grim reaper tends to 3 corpses (unrelated to the glitch)


Kind of a shallow pool to die in, but ok.

A recent Sims 4 update added a bunch of cool stuff (we assume), but it also added a new glitch that has Sims dropping like flies even when there are no deathtraps regularly dangerous objects lying around. The glitch only kills the elderly, which is something we already know won't get the powers that be riled up in the least, but there's a caveat: it also turns everyone into old people. Yeah, community members have been complaining about a glitch that kills the elderly and also has every younger Sim aging at a ridiculously fast pace. 

the grim reaper tending to a baby


Pictured: The grim reaper tending to a baby after killing his 6-year-old parents to avoid having to come back 2 minutes later.

The Twitter user below even talks about players who saw sims dying whenever the game entered a loading screen.

The developers have already acknowledged the issue and are now currently either actively working on a fix, or just waiting for the grim reaper himself to die from overwork and fix the problem automatically. Either way, this is a glorious unintentional tribute to the original Xbox's best ad:

Top Image: EA

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