GameStop's NFT Platform Now Capitalizing On 9/11 Grief

GameStop's NFT Platform Now Capitalizing On 9/11 Grief

A Blade Runner remake set in our times could very well feature a dying Roy Batty describing having seen GameStop going from the titan of video game retail to the Titanic of video game retail and then resurfacing as both a meme stock and profiteer of the NFT grift. GameStop has recently launched its own NFT storefront, one that claims the dubious achievement of being less bad better than Opensea and the other ones out there because it promises to verify its content before letting it loose on the market. That's interesting because we cannot imagine a vetting process that would allow for the commercialization of an NFT clearly inspired by the falling man photo from the September 11 attacks.

the NFT that clearly references the falling man

GameStop, Jules

This is worse than Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close, that grief porn movie about a kid trying to figure out if the falling man in the picture is Tom Hanks (Or the character he plays, we don't remember).

While we can't really say that this is damaging to the family of the original falling man because no one has been able to identify him (so far we only know he definitely wasn't Tom Hanks), the pictures of the various people who had to jump off the World Trade Center will forever haunt the minds of every non-grifter who' ever saw them. Claiming this is not exploiting the fear and grief many have been carrying ever since that event because this new falling man is actually just an astronaut is the same as claiming the Bored Ape Yacht club NFT collection, the most famous NFT collection in the world, isn't a far-right grift because its creator's logo is a bit different from Nazi Germany's SS logo.

the bored ape yact club that very obviously references the Nazi SS logo


We can barely wait for “Jules”, the artist behind the new falling man, to claim he didn't understand that the assignment was actually about the famous video game Fall Guys.

Top Image: GameStop

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