Developer Trolls NFT-Funded Games Conference With Anti-NFT Presentation

Developer Trolls NFT-Funded Games Conference With Anti-NFT Presentation

An NFT skeptic's number one challenge is the impending destruction of the environment via dumbass crypto-mining tech; the second is getting their concerns across to regular people before the crypto-craze turns them into Elon Musk-quoting Twitter cat girl avatars. Game developer and secret anti-NFT resistance leader Mark Venturelli knows that there's a long war ahead of him, but he has just won an important battle in a way that would make the warriors of ancient Greece proud. 

Last week, Brazil hosted its International Games festival and invited Mark Venturelli of Chroma Squad fame to talk about “The Future Of Game Design”. While he did indeed talk about that, the very beginning of his talk saw the original title getting scratched to reveal the real name of his talk: “Why NFTs are a nightmare”. Venturelli excelled at explaining the real dangers that NFTs pose not just to games but to the world in general and got rousing applause, but the cherry on top of the cake is the fact that this event was being funded by a bunch of pro-NFT companies that clearly didn't enjoy the contents of the Trojan horse they'd invited into their party.

Venturelli's slide translates to "Why NFTs are a nightmare"

Mark Venturelli

Though they probably should be used to getting bamboozled by now.

Yeah, while Venturelli managed to conclude his entire talk with no incident, he later found out that the crypto-evangelists actually took a break from their usual “free speech all the time” stance and tried to shut him up. Venturelli praises the organizers of the event for not allowing the sponsors to go against what they say they so very firmly believe in when it comes to stuff that doesn't concern them.

Any reader who doesn't speak Portuguese can just read the presentation slides he made for English users right here. Anyone who does speak Portuguese can just witness the beauty of Venturelli's presentation below:

Even though Crypto bros seem to hold a lot of power in the gaming space right now, Venturelli tells PCGamer “They’re just trying to buy their relevance because they have no actual influence over the future of our industry. If you just give them this space uncontested, you’re just giving them exactly what they want, and buying their narrative that they’re relevant.”

Here's hoping we do get a few more of these surprise events before the now-inevitable end of NFTs.

Top Image: Mark Venturelli, BIG Festival Brazil

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