Chase Good Vibes With The Twisty Glass

What is life but an endless pursuit of chill vibes?
Chase Good Vibes With The Twisty Glass

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What is life but an endless pursuit of chill vibes? We all want to capture as many moments as possible when our emotions are balanced and we're with people we love and we can look around and say, "This is nice." Of course, considering , you might need a little help to take the edge off. In your quest to find the immaculate vibes, we suggest enlisting the Twisty Glass Original. The Twisty is more Aragorn than Boromir or Feramir; while those guys seem chill but are actually harvesting deep insecurities and fears that lead them astray, Twisty Glass is solid as a rock. It's done its therapy and won't ever let you down. 

This glass tool is helping save paper with a design that features five chambers that hold up to two grams of your preferred herb. Packing it is an absolute breeze, requiring you to simply pack, twist, and get to work. Thanks to the cool-pull technology, the pipe burns evenly for a 30% cooler hit that won't harsh your mellow, and the patented infini-cherry ensures you’ll never have to light it more than once or lick a corner to stop it from canoeing. Plus, if you're just looking for a quick hit, you can easily extinguish the flame for a later session. The thing is even water pipe adaptable if you want to pursue those vibes with the ferocity of Legolas riding a shield down a flight of stairs only to then kick the shield into an Uruk-Hai's jugular.

Chill out, brah. Right now, you can get the Twisty Glass Original for $39.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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