15 Inventions From Comedies We Need In Real Life

Go from Urkel to Urquell with these inventions.
15 Inventions From Comedies We Need In Real Life

One of the best parts of watching wacky comedies is when the props department goes absolutely feral on an on screen invention. Bringing fantasy, sci-fi and reality all into one with an an out of this world invention in a script always makes me enjoy a movie more and think about what I would be doing if I had the same tool. Here are 15 inventions from comedy movies that could change our lives forever .

Peewee Herman’s Breakfast Machine

Who hasn't wanted this massive Rube Goldberg machine from Peewee’s Big Adventure to make them breakfast in the morning? The only thing they don’t show is the four hours Peewee spends resetting the entire machine every night.

The Portal Gun

Rick and morty portal Gun

Adult Swim

The results of the mass production of this gun from Rick and Morty that allows you to jump from universe to universe at will would obviously change the world irreversibly (probably ending in the collapse of the universe). But hey, let’s just say only you had one. I’d be traveling to the universe full of only my clones to make out with them every damn day.

The Orgasmatron

Sleeper orgasmatron


When I saw Woody Allen’s Sleeper in the seventh grade I didn’t understand The Orgasmatron. By the following summer, I figured out the appeal and desperately wanted to buy my own, it would've kept my showers a lot shorter.

Time Machine Phone Booth

At one time or another, we’ve all wanted a time machine to meet famous heroes, invest money early in Facebook, or to tell ourselves the perfect comeback we thought of the ride home after a fight. If you didn’t, then the stoners behind you in class definitely did after seeing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

The Point Of View Gun

This invention from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Universe allows anyone shot by the gun to see things from the shooter’s point of view. It was invented by angry housewives to have their husbands understand where they’re coming from. Surely this gun would change how court cases are handled nowadays. “I get why you robbed that bank. Not guilty.”

The Shrink Ray

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ shrinking machine would solve a lot of modern-day problems, like wanting a pet whale that you could keep in a fish tank. Not to mention the same technology is used in the sequel film Honey, I Blew Up The Kid, meaning world hunger could be a thing of the past when we start blowing up steaks to the size of houses. 

The Neurolizer

Men In Black’s Neurolizer wipes the recent memory with anyone who bears witness to its flash of light. Again, another invention that would be a great asset to those who constantly say the wrong thing, and an even bigger asset to really creepy people. 

Computer Automated Closet

Clueless inspired hope in many people that they would one day be able to pick out fashionable outfits at the click of a button from a Windows 95 user interface wired into their closet. It inspired many much lazier people that this technology would one day be installed in fridges, too.

The Click Remote

As soon as you finished Click you ran to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and demanded to see Christopher Walken. This remote which would give you the power to control time around you at will, and do a bunch of weird stuff to people you don’t know very well. But let me ask you this, would you be ok with one of your co-workers owning one?

The Urkel Transformation Chamber

Urkel Transformation Chamber


Steve Urkel’s Transformation Chamber or UTC, in Family Matters, has the power to change you from the nerdy suspender-wearing geek you are, into the most gorgeous and charming version of yourself. What are the ethical considerations of using such a machine? Wait until 18? Only do it on weekends? Can you sue someone for using the machine to be cast in a television show, then returning back to their ugly version? Or would acne companies and gyms work to make sure the machine never reaches the light of day?

The What If Machine

The What If Machine from the Futurama episode “Anthology Of Interest I” has the ability to answer any “What If” hypothetical question, by showing a scene playing out from an alternate universe where it actually happened. Make sense? You can get an answer to any hypothetical essentially.  In the show the machine could only be used 3 times a year, so maybe they could pop out at election time?  But then again, if we had enough of them, the sky is the limit. 

Learning Beds

If the name doesn’t give it away, this invention from The Venture Bros gives you the ability to learn in your sleep. While it does appear that the information can be editorialized by those giving it to you, that’s kind of how education works now anyway. What would this mean for work, too? Could you read all those documents and financial reports in your sleep and knock out your work in a couple of hours the next day? 

Al Czervik’s Golf Bag

This golf bag from Caddyshack had it all! A beer tap, an FM radio, and a remote control club ejector. The real question is, what’s stopping anyone from making it?




The sky is the limit with this bouncy green goo, Flubber from the film of the same name. The real draw seems to be more in the appeal of owning a magic little pet that can tear apart a room whenever you’d like and perform Robin Williams-esc sketches with you. Not to mention the fact that it imparts superhuman powers when rubbed on the skin. Ethically, however, if we are creating consciousness out of nothingness, have we not in turn become gods ourselves and what are the implications? Chew on it before you try to create any Flubber, Dr. Frankenstein.  


If they can make a photograph turn into a million tiny pieces and end up on my TV, then why not a chocolate bar? Wonkavision from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory could revolutionize food television, and world hunger for that matter, by giving you the ability to eat food straight from the TV. If it goes by Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Rules it seems like we could be teleported into our favorite TV shows as well.

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