Toxic Fans Send Um... Eggplant Emojis To 'God of War' Devs

Nobody wants to see that c'mon now.
Toxic Fans Send Um... Eggplant Emojis To 'God of War' Devs

People sure do love games. Or maybe they just hate not having them? In a post lock down, post Cyberpunk 2077 landscape it’s understandable that developers are wary about releasing a game too soon. Many of the AAA titles we’ve been waiting for simply weren’t ready to be played after two years of office closures, so were understandably delayed. But some people are so amped for any kind of news that they get a little too… excited. God of War: Ragnarok was first announced in 2020, and fans were thrilled to have a sequel to the 2018 God of War that swept game of the year awards like Kratos sweeps away the blood of his enemies. Despite most people being in total lockdown for most of 2020, when the game was delayed from 2021 to 2022 but that doesn’t stop toxic fans from stomping their feet like children and then doing something decidedly more adult: sending pix of their dongers. 

First spotted by Inverse, it appears that God of War: Ragnarok cinematics producer Estelle Tigani has been getting dick pix from people trying to coerce her into revealing the release date for the game. It’s coming out November 9th by the way, so you abusive trolls out there can give your boners a rest, no one wants them. Tigani took to Twitter to ask people to stop sending her the pictures. 

Fans got so mad it apparently threw them into a helicoptering frenzy after there were rumors that the release date would be announced on June 30th. That was never confirmed by the studio or developers. You’re a good looking, funny, intelligent Cracked reader so you already know this but… don’t trust internet rumors. Developer Santa Monica Studio responded on Twitter by also asking fans not to be toxic, which probably fixed everything. Good job problem solved. If that didn’t totally fix the problem, maybe this PSA will: Kratos would never want you to send an unasked for nude to someone would he? No. No he wouldn’t. Because Kratos is a grown ass god killing man who knows the value of consent.

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