The Downfall Of The Guy Who Created 'God Of War'

The Downfall Of The Guy Who Created 'God Of War'

David Jaffe was once Sony's top developer, the man behind both the Twisted Metal series and the original God Of War. Then, out of seemingly nowhere he was out of Sony and doing small games that have so far failed to reach even a fraction of his past titles. The reason why he threw away such an awesome career is a total mystery, but a recent tweet of his gives us enough insight into his mind to make us regret ever wondering.

Just yesterday, Jaffe tweeted what's easily the worst thing I've ever seen out of a once big-time dev. The man thought it wise to create a Twitter poll asking whether gamers would murder a bunch of minorities in a game if that proved a shortcut to an instant platinum trophy. 

The poll ended up with the "no" option beating the “yes”, and with even more replies that would constitute a hypothetical option of “what the hell is wrong with you, dude” a clear winner, but the “yes” option did end up getting an alarmingly high number of votes, as well as the obligatory barrage of comments from white supremacist doofuses free speech advocates, or whatever.

Even though this is the kind of tweet that one usually deletes and then just follows up with a tweet claiming to have been hacked, Jaffe doubled down and said that he was just asking, not condoning such an act. Doesn't matter; that is, at best, an incredibly irresponsible thing to tweet. No use claiming it was actually about trying to get fans to help in the development of a game, as no game developer wishing to turn even a measly profit would ever implement such a thing, and no publisher would accept it even if they did. This, unintentionally or not, only provides validation to all sorts of 4chan-style hatemongers out there.

This isn't even the first time Jaffe's comments have caused trouble, with him having previously baited the LGBTQ community into believing Kratos was bisexual, only to then admit that was a lie supposedly meant to piss off homophobes. Cmon, even JK Rowling did it marginally better than that.

If there's one good takeaway from this, it's that since Jaffe is no longer involved with the God Of War series and the games are now better than ever, that marks probably the only time in history when fanfiction has surpassed the original work.

Now that's a poll.

Top Image: Sony

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