Chris Hemsworth Was In A Nazi Time Travel Comedy From The Creator Of ‘Lost’

It’s … not good.
Chris Hemsworth Was In A Nazi Time Travel Comedy From The Creator Of ‘Lost’

As everybody knows by now, Thor: Love and Thunder comes out this weekend, to the delight of Marvel fans and whoever collects Axl Rose’s royalty checks. But if you’re looking to save fifteen bucks (and not leave your house) and you still want some Chris Hemsworth-based entertainment, there’s a movie you can watch right now for free on YouTube. And it’s about … Nazis trying to steal a child’s time machine?

Yup, before Hemsworth hit it big with Thor he makes an appearance in the 2010 short film Ollie Klublershturf vs. the Nazis about a family dinner in which the titular genius kid admits that he created a functional time machine (which is for some reason shaped like an Atari controller) and accuses his brother’s girlfriend of being a Nazi spy. Hemsworth shows up as a Nazi posing as a door-to-door Bible salesman who, at one point, gets smoked in the face by a chandelier – AKA, a reverse-Phantom of the Opera.

The film is … not very good. Despite the solid cast, which also includes Freaks and Geeks star Samm Levine, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and the legendary George Segal, it’s awkward and disquietingly dated at times. Still, it’s an interesting artifact, not just because it features a pre-Norse god Hemsworth, but because it was written by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. Reportedly, Lindelof originally wrote Ollie Klublershturf as a one-act play purely to get a meeting with future Lost collaborator Carlton Cuse, who asked Lindelof’s agent for a piece of sample writing. 

For some reason, that hastily-written piece was then used as the basis for this short – which was later incorporated into a feature-length anthology film called Heroes & Demons that seemingly collected short films starring famous people and crammed them into one package. Hemsworth, who as we mentioned has a supporting role in a goofy ten minute short, even gets top billing. 

The dramatic music may have been a tad misleading though, considering it was in the service of a film containing the phrase “cosmic fart.”

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