'Final Fantasy 14' Fans Bought An IRL Billboard To Promote A Party, Uh, In The Game

Probably not what the devs had in mind when they came up with the slogan "fantasy becomes reality."
'Final Fantasy 14' Fans Bought An IRL Billboard To Promote A Party, Uh, In The Game

Final Fantasy 14 is replacing World Of Warcraft not just in the throne of actual MMO gameplay but also in the kingdom of sexual impropriety – because instead of just awful, Final Fantasy 14's weird sex stories are actually hilarious. Mad Final Fantasy 14 fans have paid to have real-world billboards advertising a sexy beach event (that takes place entirely in-game), a move that outraged plenty of people in the community (and probably confused a lot of people in the real-world community). Yeah, Final Fantasy XIV is surprisingly not new to e-nightclub events, but it's pretty new to the concept of having players paying literally thousands of dollars to have huge advertisements for them in California and Texas. The visionaries in question are the minds behind the Rain Nightclub, the organizers who at best stood to make 0 dollars from the event, and at worst will lose one hell of a lot of money because just imagine the face of Square Enix's execs when they see this:

As a true gamer, it's hard not to laugh just thinking about all the onlookers who have no idea what the hell Final Fantasy even is, especially considering how one doesn't need much imagination to immediately associate the name "Final Fantasy" with a very NSFW venture. Now, while they'd be right – in this specific situation, at least, that's not even the worst part. This sneaky billboard actually shows characters wearing clothes from an upcoming expansion, meaning that they hacked the game to datamine these clothes and are now modding them into the game. The community has pointed out that pretty much every aspect of this event is a breach of the license agreement, and will certainly get Rain's members banned and maybe even sued.

FF14 fans make the game illegaly horny

Square Enix

Let's hope they find solace in knowing that they'll certainly enter the hall of fame of fans who went further than anyone before them just to retrieve weird video game nudes.

Top Image: Square Enix


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