Crypto Bros Hack British Army To Promote NFTs, Declare War On Pakistan

Crypto Bros Hack British Army To Promote NFTs, Declare War On Pakistan

Imagine a movement in such a dire state that it decides to wage cyber war against a goddamn actual army. That's what some weirdo NFT peddlers whose identity we still don't know (but likely one day will because crypto security actually sucks) did to the British army. They had the courageous-but-possibly-lethal idea of hacking the army's Twitter and Youtube accounts to promote NFTs and Elon Musk, obviously.

The cast of Team Fortress 2 having fun


What the hackers think the British army looks like, probably.

While the army has since regained access to the accounts, they only did so after the hackers had managed to post some dumb bullcrap. The original report states that the hackers defaced the Twitter account, replaced all images, and retweeted all sorts of wacky NFT-related schemes. As for the Youtube account, the hackers played various pro-crypto videos that they intercut with short clips of Elon Musk as if he's peddling that specific scheme – because in the peculiar mind of crypto aficionados that somehow lends credibility to the product.

Now, as with all crypto-related stuff, there's always a less fun side to the story. After the NFT shilling, they started tweeting hazardous and possibly racist stuff, like announcing that they'd be attacking Pakistan. While we're pretty sure that Pakistan is unlikely to be afraid of an army that trusts the power of crypto, we're not too keen on the optics of having an official army platform declaring war on a sovereign state – and we know armies aren't above getting fooled by obvious shenanigans.

An actual tweet from the British Army's official twitter account declaring war agains Pakistan

British Army

We also don't even want to imagine how many of the over 350,000 followers of the UK Army's Twitter page were disappointed after learning that this wasn't actually going to happen.

We're long past the time when we'd be surprised by news of armed forces branching out into something that poses a serious threat to the entire planet, but the British army has already assured everyone that they weren't behind this particular piece of propaganda.


Top Image: The 3DO Company


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