The original TV bromance has to be the relationship between J.D. and Turk on Scrubs. Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear had been through everything together since they met in college, whether it be emotional growth, relationship problems, or Garry Marshall sitcom cutaways. Here are 15 of the best bromance moments between Bambii and Doctor Turkelton.

Guy Love

Have you ever had a friend you love so much that a hospital patient with a brain tumor imagined the two of you singing a brotherly love song? Well, Turk and J.D. can’t say the same because of their song “Guy Love” from “My Musical.”

Steak Night

J.D. and Turk's yearly tradition of eating as much steak as they can on “Steak Night” is accompanied by their trademarked steak night dance. If you and your best friend don't have a yearly song and dance tradition, re-evaluate your friendship.

J.D. and Turk Get Leather Suits

JD and Turk Leather Suits


The time J.D. and Turk got matching Eddie Murphy leather suits was adorable, but concerning. I can’t imagine how much baby powder must be going on in there.

J.D. and Turk’s Emotional Connection

Most of the time only couples who have been through copious amounts of couples therapy can communicate like this but for J.D. and Turk, it’s second nature.

J.D. Was At Turks Honeymoon

Even though Turk and J.D. greet each other with such vigor when Turk returns from his honeymoon, it turns out they weren’t separated for all that long. 

When J.D. Saved Turk's Life

On the brink of being attacked by angry motorcyclists, J.D. saved Turks life with the help of a scooter and a giant bush. This has happened to my friends and I several times too and I always end up having to be the one in the bush.


One of J.D.’s favorite moves is the “eagle,” but it never feels better than when Christopher Turk is the one holding his girth below.

J.D. and Turks Dancing

When Turk brings J.D. to an “African-American club” alongside Carla, J.D. can’t help but bust out his best moves, and Turk couldn’t be happier.

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