This Turntable Has a Bluetooth Speaker Too. It's on Sale This 4th of July

This Turntable Has a Bluetooth Speaker Too. It's on Sale This 4th of July

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There’s plenty of reasons to enjoy vinyl: It sounds better, it won’t eat up your mobile data, it’s usually cheaper unless it’s actually worth something (there’s no such thing as a rare MP3). But you probably don’t want to scour musty antique stores, make people think you’re some technophobic hipster grandpa, or deal with the turntable your dad spilled his Milwaukee's Best on a half dozen times when you were a kid.

If you love your vinyl, bring it into the digital age with the Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable with Bluetooth Speaker. This fully manual, belt-drive turntable has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to give you the best of music past and present. The simple design delivers accurate and crystal-clear audio reproduction from your vinyl while also letting you stream music from your phone if the mood strikes. You contain multitudes.

The Mbeat has an anti-resonance MDF plinth of simulated American walnut veneer finish that offers pinpoint accuracy for improved tracking and looks pretty sweet, too. It has a built-in pre-amplifier, four built-in speakers, a full-size platter, tone and pitch control, and many more features to let you enjoy your vinyl exactly how it was meant to be sound. It'll even dampen unwanted vibrations and minimize noise for perfect reproduction. The only vibrations you should have to handle are the good ones delivered by the Beach Boys and/or Funky Bunch.

Get the best of audio past and present in one clever turntable. If you buy by July 5th, you can get the Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable with Bluetooth Speaker for just $223.99 (reg. $369) by using promo code JULY20.

Prices are subject to change.

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