YouTube Troll Bites Off More Than They Can Chew, Gets Sued For 7 Million Dollars

YouTube Troll Bites Off More Than They Can Chew, Gets Sued For 7 Million Dollars

This is a horror story of the internet age. The moral? Don’t trust your online friends. You already know this, but over the course of months, years even, chatting with someone online, it’s easy to let your guard down. Some members of the Destiny 2 YouTube community had to re-learn this most modern of lessons the hard way and came close to almost losing their channels entirely in the process.

A great game, soiled just a little by a troll.

The bizarre saga began when someone began trolling Destiny 2 music accounts on YouTube, claiming to be the game's developer Bungie, and hitting the accounts with DMCA strikes. The matter culminated with the release of a pretty creepy manifesto that claimed the false strike notices were just a vigilante doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. 

That troll has now been identified as Nick Minor aka Lord Nazo on YouTube. This came as a shock to other YouTubers with Destiny 2 music channels, because many of them considered Minor an actual friend. Some of these YouTubers claim that he messaged them during the takedown notice spree, portraying himself as just another victim of Bungie’s wrath. (Note to self, ‘Bungie’s Wrath’ is a great title for when I write the great American novel.)

He even started group DM’s with community members to commiserate over and complain about the takedowns… all the while he was falsely posing as a corporate legal entity.

His fakedown (world class portmanteau of fake and takedown, you’re welcome) spree was apparently in a direct response to take down requests targeting his own channel. And, like a baby child whose ice cream falls on the floor and immediately smacks the cone out of their friend’s hand, he began targeting other members of the community.

Being lied to by a friend always feels like a deep betrayal, especially when that lie leads to an impact on your livelihood. There is a big old hammer of corporate justice about to smack this man across the mouth though. Bungie is seeking $7,650,000 and legal fees from the lawsuit. Hope he uh… was getting some pretty solid ad revenue.

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