The Office: 14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts And Recent Revelations

Where would Dwight be in 2022?
The Office: 14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts And Recent Revelations

Have you heard of The Office? It’s a very cool underground show about these people who work at an office. Put it on your watch list! That being said, if you are one of the few people who have caught this underrated series, here are 14 little-known behind-the-scenes facts about a comedy prophet. 

Bryan Cranston Nearly Killed The Office Cast

The Office Work Bus


In one instance, Bryan Cranston nearly murdered the entire cast of The Office in season 9. The episode “Work Bus,” where the cast were all stuffed into a bus as a replacement to the office was directed by none other than Bryan Cranston. A faulty air conditioning setup led to exhaust fumes from the buys being pumped into the small space inside, leading the cast to nickname it the “Death Bus.” Before anyone was seriously affected Jenna Fischer mentioned that she smelled the exhaust and warned everyone, leading Cranston to take a big inhale right in front of the AC unit, making him dizzy and agreeing everyone should leave the bus.

Rainn Wilson Imagines What Michael Would Be Doing Today

Michael Scott the office


When asked about what Michael Scott would be doing in the age of the Pandemic, Wilson guessed, “I think if Michael was still at Dunder Mifflin he would definitely be wanting people to come back into the office no matter what. He’d be showing up at people’s houses, he would just want people around desperately. He would get really depressed in his condo, on Zooms and not being able to connect to people.”

The Origin Of Cece Halpert’s Name

Pam and Cece The office


Jim and Pam’s daughter Cecelia Marie Halpert is actually named after Fischer’s niece, Cecilia Marie, who was born around the same time as the episode’s filming. Fischer said she waited by the phone during the episode's premiere, "and sure enough, like 30 seconds after it went live, my phone started ringing and it was my sister. And she was just screaming into the phone." 

Dark Theory About Michael Scott’s Father

A dark theory surrounds the story behind Michael Scott’s father who one fan thinks may be Dunder Mifflin's co-founder, Robert Mifflin. The theoretical theory theorizes that Michael Scott’s mother had an affair with Robert Mifflin, resulting in Michael. Michael inherits his superior selling skills from his father, failed the second grade due to its lining up with Mifflin’s death, and it explains why he was even hired for the position in the first place despite his lack of intelligence.  

The Office Cameo You Didn’t Get To See In Ghostbusters

Brian Baumgartner Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters’ 2016 director Paul Feig, also known for Bridesmaids, Freaks & Geeks, and as a supervising director for season 5 of The Office, tried to include an Office cameo in the 2016 film. In a quick role that was eventually cut, Brian Baumgartner was supposed to be a hotel guest who “just came down to get some ice,” before running away in terror from paranormal activity. The role was originally intended for Rick Moranis, but he declined the opportunity.

It’s Getting A Saudi Edition

If you’re reading this article from Saudi Arabia then get excited. The Office is coming to Saudi Arabia in the form of Al-Maktab, which is Arabic for The Office. This will be the 12th adaption of the series since the UK original.

Rainn Wilson On What Dwight Has Done Since The Show Ended

Dwight the office


When asked what Dwight has been up to the past decade, Rainn Wilson told Gizmodo, “He prepared himself for the zombie apocalypse, which never came, but he probably would have done a big build-out for some underground bunkers, food storage, weapons. He's a capitalist, so he'd have bought a lot more buildings in and around Scranton. And, perhaps, he's even on some kind of crazy right-wing ticket. Not a racist right-wing ticket, I don't think that's Dwight, but maybe like a flat earth right-wing ticket, running for some kind of city council seat in Scranton."

Jenna Fisher’s Husband Appeared In An Episode

Jenna Fischer’s husband, Lee Kirk, made an appearance in the episode “The Delivery Part 2” as the lactation specialist. Fischer and the writers thought he would be the perfect choice to touch Jenna’s bare breast over anyone else, and thankfully, he agreed.

The Office Star That Passed On SNL

Kelly the office


At one point during the second season of The Office, Kaling was offered the chance to audition for Saturday Night Live, which would have broken her contract with The Office. Kaling made a deal with show creator Greg Daniels that if she was cast on the show, she could break her contract. She was offered a position as a writer at SNL, but Daniels told her that wasn’t the deal, so she stayed. Good call, Mindy.

The Kevin Line That Shattered Everybody

Fischer and Angela Kinsey revealed that in the episode “The Delivery Part 1,” In the episode, when the office is working together to stop pam from giving birth, it is suggested by Kevin that they should “make spicy foods come out of her” to be the opposite of eating spicy foods. On the day, however, Brian Baumgartner was pitched the line “shove spicy foods up her butt” which brought production to a grinding halt due to continually breaking.

Jenna Fisher’s Favorite Scene To Shoot

The Office Ultra Feast


Jenna Fischer said the scene in the break room from “The Delivery Part 1” was one of her favorite scenes to shoot of all time. The scene entails Pam freaking out about going to the hospital during her ultra feast, but Michael, Jim, and Kevin try to calm her down. Fischer said not only was the belly rubbing hilarious, but Michael originally was supposed to slam Jim against the wall to calm him down, which they couldn’t get through without laughing. Fischer said, “Oh, we had so much fun doing that scene. I don’t even think we wanted it to end. They probably have so much footage from it because we were so milking it.” 

The Minions Enter Scranton

In an advertisement for “Minions: The Rise of Gru” Universal has put the Minions into The Office opening title sequence. A perfect video to send your aunt who you don’t have much in common with.

Behind the Bob Odenkirk Cameo

Bob Odenkirk The Office


Bob Odenkirk makes an appearance as the bizarro Michael Scott in the season 9 episode “Moving On,” while Pam searches for a new job. Odenkirk's appearance is special as he was second in line to play Michael Scott behind Steve Carell originally during the initial casting for the series. He truly is another parallel universe’s, Michael Scott.

There’s A Lost Episode About Pets

Angela and Bandit


Rainn Wilson told People, “Recently, I uncovered a lost Office episode — not making this up — called 'Pet Day.' We did a table read of it early on, I think in the first season, but it didn't make the cut. It's not disseminated. No one has it. I think Angela brings in cats, obviously, but everyone brings their pet to work, and Dwight brings in his hybrid wolf." 

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