Backup All Your Data For A Special Price

With a Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan, you’ll never have to worry your avatar’s pretty little head again.
Backup All Your Data For A Special Price

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We lead active lives, even if those lives leave nothing more than digital bread crumbs sprinkled across a vast internet ocean while our butts never so much as twitch. And there are tons of governments, Internet Service Providers, hackers, and more nefarious entities out there who want at them bread crumbs, so you have to protect them. Even if you’ve made your peace with the FBI agent assigned to monitor you, those crumbs add up, filling the space of your online house until you’re virtually choking on them. This metaphor got away from us. The point is, with a Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan, you’ll never have to worry your avatar’s pretty little head again.

Degoo gives you a whopping 15TB of supremely secured storage space -- that’s more than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined -- without sacrificing transfer speeds. You couldn’t use up that much space even if you spent the rest of your life doing nothing but naughty photo shoots, probably. You definitely don’t wanna lose those, so as an additional security measure, Degoo replicates all of your files when you upload them for extra peace of mind. Plus, with the Android app, automatic file change detection ensures that your storage is always automatically up to date. You'll also get access and upload support for unlimited devices and be able to easily send files via email, link, or your favorite messaging app, because it’s not like you’re taking all those photos just for you.

With a lifetime subscription to Degoo's Mega Backup Plan, you'll get support for 20GB per upload and up to two years of account inactivity without losing any of your perks or files. All of these features have earned Degoo 4.0 stars on G2 and compelled TechRadar to praise Degoo’s "snappy, simple backup with an emphasis on photos.” “Especially saucy ones,” they did not add, but we would.

Get the lifetime of cloud backup you need for your digital life. Right now, you can get a lifetime Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan for an extra 20% off at just $119.99 when you use code DEGOO.

Prices are subject to change.

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