Family Guy: 20 Cutaway Scenes For The Ages

These cutaways are better than the time I met Sting at a bee convention.
Family Guy: 20 Cutaway Scenes For The Ages

Family Guy has been an American staple since the early 2000s. It allowed middle school boys to have something to quote all day, and gave thousands of carnival go-ers knockoff Stewie plushies to take home after winning the ring toss. The show revolves around the Griffin's life, but we all know the cutaways are the true heart of the series, and as the show has progressed the characters have become increasingly aware of the impact of the cutaway. Here are 20 of our favorite flashbacks and cutaways fresh from Quahog.

Conway Twitty

Perhaps the funniest running gag on Family Guy is the frequent reappearance of country artist Conway Twitty. I’ve no idea if this is just used to fill time for certain episodes or genuine admiration, but no one can deny that “Darth Twitty” is a hall of fame joke.

Peter Doesn’t Fit In The Army

Peter makes a great point in this video, there should be more fun disguises used in war. Soldiers should dress up like The Village People.

One Tree Hill

This One Tree Hill gag emphasizes how over-dramatic high school shows are. The most interesting thing to happen to my high school was “Gangnam Style”.

Actually, I Am A Horse

This list makes me realize how much of YouTube was originally made up of only Family Guy clips edited together on Windows Movie Maker. Take a trip down memory lane with this Jerry Springer-esc talk show featuring a talking broom horse.

Pizza Place Salad

This sketch reminds me of how happy I am that pizza places make salads like this because if you eat a salad instead of pizza you deserve unhappiness.

Prom Night Dumpster Baby

This sketch on a dark subject matter has no right to be so catchy. 

Redneck Science Video

As someone who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, I can assure you that this sketch is 100% accurate. I had a teacher who incessantly drank Diet Mountain Dew like it was an udder and she was a newborn calf.

Will Smith’s Rap

If you’re like me, this sketch is all you hear whenever Will Smith raps in anything now. Smith’s DJ Jazzy Jeff era truly did sound like the most polite rapper in the world.

Single Loop Rollercoaster

Is this a comment on our nature as humans to repeat our toxic actions even though they come back to hurt us every time? Or maybe it's just Peter vomiting on his face.

Stewie In The Revenant

Stewie shows off his camping skills when he goes full Leo on a horse at a petting zoo.

Wheel of Fortune

Peter has a miraculous victory on Wheel Of Fortune. His guesses weren’t great but he still did much better than Randy Marsh on South Park.

Peter Tried To Sneak Into An R-Rated Movie

The stupidity and quickness of this clip are a match made in heaven. Peter sneaks into an R-rated movie without the need of a giant trench coat. 

When Brian Wasn’t Groomed

Brian fully grown out is a good look, he could model for The Guinness Book.

The Amusement Park Ride

This recreation of an actual viral clip showcases how much comedy can come from the animation choices themselves.

Polander All Fruit

This in-depth explanation of a previous cutaway is a delight. Any time Family Guy includes live-action footage it gets an A+ in my book.

Pantsing James Cameron

This is why you never pants someone without practicing on a dummy first.

Peter’s Acrylic Nails

If you don’t recreate this cutaway when you have Bugles on your fingers can you even call yourself a true Family Guy fan?

Senior Citizen Porn

Family Guy has never been afraid to touch on sensitive world topics like the senior citizen porn debate.

Prince On The Price Is Right

Prince on The Price is Right will make you remember how good it was to be alive when Fred Armisen was still doing his Prince impression on SNL.

Chris Isn’t Ready For Flashbacks

Chris has his flashback privileges revoked when he sets one up that isn’t funny at all.

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