Summer Game Fest has come and gone. With no announcement from Nintendo about the most asked for game of all time (in certain circles.) No, not Breath of the Wild 2. We’re talking about a game starring the man in purple himself, Waluigi. So we did what no one in gaming is brave enough to to: we used the image generating AI Dall-e to craft concept art for the world’s first ever Waluigi game. 

Using a whole bunch of Waluigi related prompts, the AI, Dall-e Mini, generated images. They were absolutely epic. We pieced them together to find the major narrative arc of an action adventure game. It tells the harrowing tale of a noble man, whose journey leads him through a dark wormhole where he is set upon by elemental forces which seek to destroy him. Along the way he finds love, battle, and brotherhood.  

The game opens on the kingdom of WaWorld, with a prologue of vignettes done in stained glass. It tells of the origin of Waluigi as a tiny babe, preciously cradled by his Wamama. 


WaMama, dressed in traditional Wagarb, cradles Waluigi as a baby.

The young man grows up, a member of the court in the shadow of WaPeach’s castle. 


The young nobleman walks in peace.

Until one day a mysterious, negative image version of himself, dressed in a sickly green, appears from a portal…and he starts attacking. 


An impostor appears!

The impostor, none other than Luigi himself, has Lightning powers. 


The spark compels him.

The two battle until Waluigi is transported through a portal of his own, into a mirror universe of his own Wa-verse. 


Falling out of WaWorld.

Then, our hero Waluigi embarks upon an epic journey to return to his home. 


It looks like it has split screen multiplayer mode!

As he battles the forces of the Evil Electric, he must up his skills to find the head of the Order of Lightning.


The forces of Evil Electric!

He trains in swordplay.


Cue epic montage music.

Mounted combat.


Is that Epona?!

And battles minions of the Lord of Lightning. 


Duke Zappas.

When we asked the AI about romanceable character options in the game, it gave us this image:


Guess Mario really wants you to eat his mushroom.

Mario is on there twice

Waluigi even braves the dreaded Water Level to find the answers he seeks.


Swim Waluigi! 

Luigi appears again, puppeted by the Lightning forces. Waluigi defeats him, freeing him from the Evil Electricity that was controlling him and the two declare their everlasting friendship.


An epic battle.


Friends forever. Look at those smiles.

In the end, Waluigi comes face to face with the Lord of Lightning himself, the dreaded Double Spark. 


I think we can all agree this is an objectively cool as hell villain.

Using his strength, speed, and lessons learned along the way, Waluigi is able to defeat Double Spark. He uses their power to unlock a portal and return to his homeland, WaWorld. 


The final leap to WaWorld.

The sun sets as Waluigi celebrates his triumphant return. 


We'll take our GotY award now.

Nintendo, our DM’s are open if you’re interested in developing this.  

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