Wait, What? The New 'Sonic' Game Actually Looks Great

'Sonic Frontiers' shows that the Sonic curse may have run its course.
Wait, What? The New 'Sonic' Game Actually Looks Great

When we try to remember the last time we had fun with the Sonic The Hedgehog brand, our mind immediately runs towards the Sonic films. Look, this is a Sonic-movie-shaming-free zone – the movies are quick and fun entertainment done right, but we must accept things are dire when the movie adaptation of a game series is the highlight of a video game brand. Yes, while it's tough to admit, some Sonic archaeologists go as far as to say that the last time someone saw a good Sonic game was during the Genesis era (either the console or the book, we don't know for sure.) Sega may end up breaking the curse soon, however, because Sonic's official Twitter page has just released a short preview for Sonic Frontiers, an upcoming Sonic game that actually looks rad.

Sonic Frontiers seems to have learned the most important lesson from the best sonic games (the fanmade ones), and those lessons were: just make it fast and look great, goddammit.

Sonic  runs through a flower field


That would've looked great even on a non-Sonic game
Sonic grinding on some rails


Boy, we sure have come a long way from:

One of Sonic 06's many glitches


Fun Sonic trivia: Sonic 06' is actually the fastest iteration of the blue menace, as speedrunners can finish the game in just a little over a minute (by having Sonic kill himself). It's a very good game.

While we're still a long way from knowing whether or not this is the prophesized game that'll restore the fun in Sonic games, we dare say that it shows quite a lot of promise. If it ends up failing that's ok, and we'll just make the words of the official Sonic Twitter account our own.


fun Sonic trivia #2: Before the films, the best source of Sonic fun was its official Twitter account.

Top Image: Sega


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