Community: 25 Times Troy And Abed Had The Best Friendship On TV

"Troy and Abed in the Mooooornin'"
Community: 25 Times Troy And Abed Had The Best Friendship On TV

No friendship on TV can outweigh the love and mind-melding that goes on between Greendale’s favorite man-children, Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir. From their own long-running successful morning show to meeting the real Batman, these two have gone through so much together that we’ve compiled 15 of their most frienderiffic moments.

The Time They Found A Baby

Troy and Abed realize that they may now become the illegitimate parents of a baby they’ve found in the study room. In the long run, I think we all know this could have been an ideal living situation, with the baby eventually turning into a Troy and Abed hybrid human. A “Troybed” if you will.

The Cartoon Tunnel

The time Abed nearly lured Troy into running into a painted tunnel on a wall, a la Looney Tunes. It was in this very scene that we saw a small part of Troy die, and Abed learned a valuable lesson about crushing his best friends innocence.

Troy and Abed Host The Debates

Troy and Abed bring their Troy and Abed in The Morning hosting skills to the Greendale class president debates. The news team ends up voting for the same candidate, South Park, which goes on to win the election. Sorry, Leonard Rodriguez.

Talking Smack Together

Troy and Abed bond like any other friends do behind closed doors; talking smack about your other friends. After they’re caught talking trash about Jeff and every person outside of the study room, they introduce their escape tactic, “Just pretend like you asleep.”

Chloroforming The Janitor

Abed and Troy are also best buddies and roomies with Annie (#Anniesmove). In what is probably one of the funniest bits from the show, the three repeatedly chloroform a janitor who catches them poking around the law firm. 

“Somebody chloroformed all of us.”

Baby Boomer Santa

The glee club episode of Community has a lot of great tracks, including two that feature Troy and Abed, but in my opinion “Baby Boomer Santa” outweighs the duo’s Christmas rap. They use the song as a form of mind control to get Pierce to join the glee club by appealing to his “generation’s well-documented historical vanity.” 

Abed Is Batman

“Awww is that the grappling hook I got you for Christmas?”

Troy knows Abed so well, that he knows his brain will explode if he finds out that Annie destroyed his limited edition Batman Blu-Ray disc. Because of this, we get yet another appearance from Batman Abed and watch as Troy attempts to tenderly break the news to his friend. 

Troy And Abed In The Morning

While Troy and Abed’s morning show “Troy and Abed in The Morning” may not be real, it was certainly real to me. Two best buddies gather together at 6 am to pretend they are on a talk show, which is better than anything on at that or any other time.

Funniest quote: “Troy and Abed in the morrrrrrrrning”

Rapping With Betty White

Troy and Abed got to sing Africa by Toto with Betty White on a couch, which allowed them to join the lengthy list of people to do so. Troy’s high notes never cease to amaze, Donald Glover should pursue music.

Their Matching Alien Costumes

Troy and Abed show up at the Greendale Halloween party in matching Ridley and Xenomorph costumes from Alien, but Jeff convinces Troy to switch it to a sexy Dracula costume. But what does Troy do at the end of the episode? He switches back to his original costume to avenge his fallen partner. A life lesson in whoever truly loves you will always come back if you set them free.

Troy and Abed Being Normal

In an attempt to not ruin Shirley and Andre’s rehearsal dinner, Troy and Abed get all of their weirdness out to become normal. They fear they may never return to being weird, so they also break their normal chains together.

Singing To Fievel

Troy and Abed join voices in perfect harmony to beckon their rat, Fievel, back to his cage. Their singing spontaneously matches a song being played by the Irish band Green Day down the hall, what luck!

Abed Is Troy’s Other Half

Annie: “Oh I don’t know where Abed is, I can try calling him if you want?”

Troy: “I’m not looking for my other half. I’m looking for you girl.”


Troy and Abed’s first blanket fort “Fluffytown” showed just what two best friends can accomplish when they put their minds together and skip class for days.

Troy’s Voicemail

Like a boy with a school crush, Troy tries his best to leave Abed a voicemail in just the right cadence. Even Jeff has a hard time finding the perfect balance. Young love is so tricky.

Troy and Abed’s Dinner Party

troy and abed new apartment


Any time the duo is wearing matching outfits, I’m sold. In “Remedial Chaos Theory” Troy and Abed host a dinner party at their house which includes olives in the bathroom, Yahtzee, and pizza with ketchup and cream cheese.

The Italian Plumbers

troy and abed plumbers


Troy and Abed know the best go-to disguise is plumbers from Brooklyn with big mustaches. It is for that reason that the group was able to overthrow General Chang.

Oof ba-boof, I spilled plumber’s acid all over yous!”

The Kick Puncher Remake

Troy and Abed recreate scenes from their favorite movie Kick Puncher. The two get closer than they intended when they realize they’ll have to perform the sex scene themselves.

The Librarian

After the school librarian must choose between Troy and Abed, she says that Abed is weird. NO ONE talks about Troy’s bestie that way. He sent her packing like yesterday’s briefcase tacos.

The Prank Gone Wrong

Would you and your friends dress up as office furniture just in hopes of scaring your other friend? Troy and Abed would, even if it gets way too real, way too fast.

Troy and Abed Sell Their Handshake

Troy’s tears say it all when he and Abed Sell their handshake to Pierce. That is why it’s so important that none of us recreate the handshake with our own friends, as it steals some of the magic.

Abed’s Hot Lava Clone

Abed Hot Lava


Abed loves Troy so much that he must kill himself in lava in order to be cloned into a version of himself that is able to let Troy go. It's as heartwarming as the non-existent lava.

Troy Gives Abed Tough Love

Troy Tough love Community


Troy confronts Abed seriously for the first time when he confronts him about his celebrity impersonator addiction. It’s a sweet moment that shows just how much trust Abed has for Troy.

“I guess you’re gonna have to trust, that you’re gonna have to trust me.”

Inspector Spacetime

“The question isn’t how old we are, but when old we are”

Inspector Spacetime is the glue that holds Abed and Troy together. Any time the two are fighting blorgons, their friendship grows stronger by 10%. Their friendship is now at a strength level of 50,000%.

Bert and Ernie

Have you ever had a friend you were so close to that you both would cosplay as Bert and Ernie and eat cookies in a puppet-like fashion? No? Well, that’s why Troy and Abed look down on you.

“My cousin’s funeral’s today (Oh, that was today?). I knew there was some reason I couldn’t do this today (Poor Dmitry)”

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