Not A Drill: 15 Bottles Of Wine For Just $50

Not A Drill: 15 Bottles Of Wine For Just $50

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Memorial Day is the official harbinger of summer and the launch of some of the year's best sales, and sometimes, the two events are so harmoniously brought together you could just start to cry. For instance, during our Memorial Day Sale, you can get the Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle for just $50 until May 31. Through this limited-time deal, you can get 15 bottles of wine delivered to your door for just $50. That's all the wine you need to throw one of the biggest bangers of the summer before the calendar officially even hits the solstice.

Splash Wines has developed an outstanding reputation for sourcing the best wine from around the world. In fact, it's earned 4.6 stars on Trustpilot from more than 20,000 reviews. And you won't even mess around with the fringe stuff. This curated selection is all of Splash Wines's best sellers, each typically retailing at $20 per bottle, packaged together to give you a tour de force of wine tasting. Better yet, Splash Wines guarantees that every bottle will meet your expectations or you won't pay for it.

Here's how it works: When you purchase the bundle, you'll get a digital voucher you can redeem on their site. Select all red, all white, or a mixed collection, complete your order through checkout, and Splash Wines will get your shipment ready and send it to your address for your very soon enjoyment.

Nothing says “barbecue season” like a nice hearty Napa cab to complement your bloody cheeseburger. Get your Memorial Day dialed up to 11 with a Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle. If you buy before May 31, you can get 15 best-selling bottles of wine for just $50.

Prices are subject to change.

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