Krusty The Clown is the chain-smoking, meat peddling, high-maintenance clown prince of Springfield. Krusty has gone through a lot in his decades-long career on The Simpsons from bankruptcy… to near bankruptcy. Here are 15 times Krusty stole the side-show.

Krusty’s Nicotine Patches

I know several people who use nicotine patches and give off this exact same energy. In this classic moment, Krusty shows just how many patches he can fit on his body at one time, a goal I wish to achieve someday as well.

The Falkland Islands

Since Krusty is away from the show, he decides to play an old re-run so that no one will notice. Unfortunately, like all of us, Krusty is not perfect and he picks a less than ideal show.

The Secret Word

During an episode with an animal wrangler, Krusty is warned not to make any loud noises around the wolf. But “loud” is today’s secret word! AAAHHHHH!

Krusty Eats Krusty-Os

No one loves to advertise more than Krusty. In this clip from a press conference, Krusty attempts to prove his cereal is harmless by eating one. It does not go well.

Send In The Clowns

Who better to sing “Send In The Clowns” than Barbara Streisand? Ok, now who’s better if Barbara Streisand is busy? Krusty the Clown bears his soul in this heartfelt clip, along with Sideshow Mel.

Clown College

“Homie The Clown” is one of the highlights of season 6, with a lot of the fame coming from the Clown College training (not to mention seeing all the Simpsons in Krusty variants). Also good to note that Krustys pupils are “Krustaceans.”

Krusty Komedy Klassic

Krusty suffers from the same ailment as the Kardashians: you have to be careful how many “Ks” you chain together.

Krusty’s Stand Up

A real George Carlin type if you ask me. Just like Carlin, Krusty incites real political change, in the form of everyone burning their money. Take that sheeple!

Krusty Has A Heart Attack

The closest Krusty has ever come to truly “killing it” is during a blooper from his show. After advertising his pork products, Krusty has one of the funniest heart attacks we’ve ever seen!

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