15 Easter Eggs in Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

A movie that asks "What if Ready Player One" was funny?
15 Easter Eggs in Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers is one of the best films to ever pull off the animated / live-action crossover genre. What else would you expect from director Akiva Schaffer from The Lonely Island? The jokes aren’t low-hanging and the hundreds of cameos feel justified. Here are 15 of the best Easter eggs we caught in the film.

The Bootleg Trophy Room

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers trophy room


In the bootleg trophy room, we see a wall covered in all the stolen parts from iconic characters. Some of these include a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, Ickis’ mouth from AAAHH!!! Real Monsters, The Pink Panther’s mouth, Jimmy Neutron’s hair, and Mickey Mouse’s glove. You could spend all day figuring out the wall of references, but it’s probably best to find a different hobby. 

Valley Cats

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers cats


As Chip and Dale walk through the “Uncanny Valley” they spot two characters from the horrifying live-action adaption of Cats fighting in some trash. Thank god this is a short scene because I don’t think my stomach could handle a longer one.

Ugly Sonic

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers ugly sonic


In perhaps the most famous cameo from the movie so far, we find out that Ugly Sonic is alive and well! A reference to the original Sonic design scrapped after the release of the first Sonic reboot trailer, Ugly Sonic has his very own booth at the convention and helps save the day near the end. 

Miles Morales Graffiti

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Miles Morales


One of the more challenging references to spot is some graffiti in the background as Chip and Dale arrive at Mainstreet. The graffiti outline is actually the same graffiti Miles Morales makes in Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse.

The 90s Party

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers roger rabbit


At the 90s dance party, we see Paula Abdul with MC Skat Kat, the three little pigs, and of course  Roger Rabbit doing the roger rabbit. You can’t do a referential cartoon live-action movie without paying homage to the OG cartoon crossover.

Seth Rogen and The Multiverse Of Madness

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Seth Rogen


If you aren’t a fan of Seth Rogen’s laugh, then definitely don’t watch this scene on LSD. Seth Rogen’s uncanny valley character Bob falls down at one point, and who comes to check up on him but three of Seth’s other characters. Mantis from Kung Fu Panda, Pumbaa from The Lion King, and B.O.B from Monsters Vs Aliens.

Disney Castles

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Disney Castles


The film starts with the traditional Disney castle opening, but the castle actually turns into several different castles from the Disney universe. These castles include the palace from Aladdin, Elsa’s castle from Frozen, Prince Eric's castle from The Little Mermaid, and the retro-60s version from Incredibles 2.

Full House

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers full house


In Forrest Gump style, the chipmunks are superimposed into an episode of the sitcom Full House. The duo gets the chance to dance with the Tanner family while first getting their feet in the Hollywood door.

Batman Vs ET

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Mr. Doubtfire


During Chip’s stroll down the Hollywood hall of fame, we see advertisements for new movies, with some of the funniest being Mr. Doubtfire starring Meryl Streep and Batman Vs E.T.. Chip also watches part of Batman Vs E.T. in his home. If they ever get the chance to really make either of these films I am 1000% in.

Adult Cameos

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers randy marsh big mouth


Not only does the film nod to Disney and children's entertainment they also include Randy Marsh from South Park in a sauna scene and Detective Florez from Big Mouth in a police station.

Senator Butthead

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers butthead


Butthead from Bevis and Butthead actually has two political ads hidden in the movie. One on a bus bench and the other on an actual bus that read, “Vote Senator Butthead: Vote To Get Tough On Bootleg Loans.”

The Bootleg Body

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers villain


The movie’s villain transforms into a mashup of IPs at the end of the film, which include Peter Pan’s body, Wreck-It Ralph’s arm, Woody from Toy Story’s  Leg, Optomis Prime’s leg, Fat Cat’s head from Rescue Rangers, and the bow and ribbon of Marie from the Aristocats.

Animation Style Rendering

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers rick and morty simpsons

At one point the duo is scanned in different animation styles including anime, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, Ren and Stimpy, Marvel, and classic rubber hose Disney.

Walk Of Fame

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers walk of fame


Yogi Bear, Squidward, Chun Li from Street Fighter, and Samurai Jack’s names can all be seen on the Hollywood walk of fame as Chip longingly strolls down. Can we get an animated Hollywood walk of fame a few blocks down from the real one?

Chip's Freezer

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers frozen food


Chip’s Freezer contains a few references to foods that have been branded with famous characters including, Frozone frozen food from The Incredibles, Ice Age ice cream, and some Foghorn Leghorn Looney Tunes pasta.

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