‘Friday the 13th's Co-Creator Hates Jason Voorhees

‘Friday the 13th's Co-Creator Hates Jason Voorhees

It’s Friday the 13th, the day when we all collectively celebrate Jason Voorhees, the notorious movie slasher and the world’s most awkward talk show guest – well, second most, since he never brought Michael Richards along. 

One person who’s not a fan? The guy who literally wrote Friday the 13th. Yup, Victor Miller, who penned the original horror classic isn’t a fan of the immortal masked killer he inadvertently helped to spawn. Remember, in the original film the killer isn’t Jason, but rather his mom, Pamela Voorhees, who somehow managed to murder a whole campful of horny teens without getting a drop of blood on her cable knit sweater.

According to Miller, despite the fact that he hasn’t actually seen any of the sequels, he fundamentally objects to the idea Jason as an undead killer. Why? Because it “completely destroys the motivation for Mrs. Voorhees” since the dead son she is “avenging” isn’t really dead after all – not to mention that he’s so not dead that he literally survives to witness the futuristic wonders of the year 2055.

Right now, the future of the franchise is in a confusing state of limbo, thanks to a legal dispute concerning the story’s copyright between Miller and Friday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham. While Miller now has the rights to his original screenplay, he doesn’t have the rights to the “additional copyrightable elements” that popped up in the sequels, such as the “iconic hockey mask” and possibly even Jason just being an adult. Miller also “doesn’t actually own the title Friday the 13th – so if this series moves forward, it may be as a family comedy called, like, Jason’s Crystal Lake Adventures, or something. 

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