The Metaverse Is Already Here: It's Called Roblox.

The Metaverse Is Already Here: It's Called Roblox.

Imagine a digital world, filled with your friends and friendly strangers. You can be anyone, a princess, a warrior, heck you can be a baby if you want, snugly swaddled in a nursery, waiting for a good person to adopt you and take you home. You can spend your real money there and build your own world. The metaverse sure will be great. But wait, I freaking tricked you. This isn’t the metaverse, it’s Roblox baby. Roblox.

Roblox Corporation

You can adopt a deer. Or YOU can get adopted. The future is now.

If Roblox sounds like I’m having a minor stroke while typing, let me enlighten you. Roblox is an online platform where users create and play games. The graphics look like Lego and Minecraft had a hideous child and the array of stuff on there is absolutely magical. That baby reference in the first paragraph? That’s a real game developed by real people. It’s called Adopt Me! which is a pretty catchy and intriguing title. Players can enter a lobby and be a baby or a potential parent. The game also lets you adopt pets but c’mon, who chooses the hamburger patty when there’s a rarer meat on the menu? This is Roblox’s most popular game. We’re out here losing hair and sleep over Elden Ring and these geniuses are throwing on a pair of diapers and calling it a day.

Roblox is super accessible, it’s free to download. It has over 200 million monthly users, mostly under the age of 12, but more than a quarter of it’s players are over the age of 16 according to some estimates.    

They've got everything. I’ve played a fully realized (and very fun) unlicensed Pokemon game on there. Any genre you can imagine and some you surely haven’t are available. People from all over, of all ages, live out their digital lives as they see fit on the platform. There are concerts and exclusive drops and new content added all the time. The metaverse is here. People are already living there and building homes and families. It’s time for everyone else to wake up and realize what millions of folks already know: Roblox is the future.

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