Bots Are Ruining Your Google Results (Best Coffeemaker For 2022!)

Looking for the best coffeemaker of 2022? Look no further!
Bots Are Ruining Your Google Results (Best Coffeemaker For 2022!)

If the structure of the internet has a foundation, it’s probably Google. Whatever you think of the company’s powerful reach and privacy issues, it’s hard to deny that Google search remains the most vital artery connecting the circulatory system of the internet, and one of the sites most frequently visited over people’s morning coffee. You don’t rise to the ascendant peaks of a service that makes its name a genuinely interchangeable replacement for an English verb or noun like Kleenex or Band-Aid without a stranglehold on the market. However, when you exist as the heart of the internet, you can be sure that problems arising with your service will get the same undivided attention a sharp chest pain caused by a strong delicious cup of coffee would.

So as internet users start to notice a decline in the quality of your results, peoples’ rage is going to heat up quicker than water in a coffee maker. More and more users are noticing the decline in relevant results, and are becoming quickly fed up. What’s the culprit? The New York Post did some research, and well, you’re not going to believe this, but it’s advertising. Bots are getting better and better at spamming SEO catchphrases to juice their google results. More often than not now, if you google something like “best coffee maker 2022” you’re going to have to wade through a lot of sites called like “” and “appliancecentralreviews” that contain articles that are clearly written by a bot.

cup of coffee made by coffeemaker


A delicious cup of coffee, made by the best coffeemaker of 2022.

You may have already been wondering why I’ve mentioned coffee so many times in this article. As an exercise, I will be attempting to get this article into the google results for “best coffee maker 2022.” Let’s throw in a real bot-like paragraph to really juice it. Speaking of juice, coffee is sometimes called bean juice.

Morning coffee is number one among coffee drinkers, and most coffee fans trust a machine for coffee. Pour-over coffee, automatic coffee, drip coffee, whatever coffee maker they use, they want to know what’s the best coffee maker. In 2022, there are best coffee makers than ever before. Looking to read reviews on coffee makers and find the best coffee maker for light roast coffee or dark roast coffee? You’ve come to the right coffee site to read about coffee makers. Want affordable coffee maker? We can help. Want best compact coffee maker? Best office coffee maker? We’re here to help you coffee maker for your coffee to be strong for journeys that need coffee. beans

If you got here from google results, let me know in the comments. If you got here from the homepage, feel free to throw a couple more fake coffee sentences in the comments to try to get this to the top.

And to Google: look, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I can really detach myself from your services. At this point I’m pretty sure Gmail is my legal guardian. But for f**ks sake, things are bad enough, can you make it a TINY bit easier for me to find a cheap laptop? Or a great affordable coffee maker that’s the best reviewed coffee maker.

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