Trailer Park Boys: 15 Behind The Scenes Facts

Take your shirt off, grab a beer and enjoy these facts.
Trailer Park Boys: 15 Behind The Scenes Facts

Trailer Park Boys has been going strong for over 20 years now with 12 seasons, animated spinoff's and movies to boot. This Canadian classic with a cult like fanbase isn't slowing down any time soon so it's time to look back at 15 behind the scenes facts you may not know from your favorite trailer park crew.

Put A Dollar In The Swear Jar

Trailer Park Boys Cast


Between seasons 1 through 7, including the Christmas special, the word f**k is said a total of 1,284 times. That’s an average of 46 times per episode! The word sh*t is said 967 times, averaging 31 an episode. 74.3% of all the swearing comes from Ricky alone. 

This man needs some soap in his mouth ASAP.

Sarah Is John Dunsworth’s Daughter

Sarah Dunsworth


Sarah is actually portrayed by John Dunsworth’s real life daughter. The cast is known for being tight-knit and only bringing people in who they have known for some time, so is it any surprise that Sarah Dunsworth would join the team?

This is just like when my dad hired me to work in the all male brothel with him. Well, it’s kind of like that.

Elliot Page Started At TPB

Elliot Paige Trailer Park Boys


If you go back to season two, you may see a familiar face in Jim and Barbara Lahey’s daughter, Treenaa Lahey. The actor portraying her is in fact Elliot Page in his first big on screen role. The role paid off well as it led to his further projects like Juno, Inception and X-Men.

Shouldn’t Elliot have been busy fighting zombies in The Last Of Us around this age? 

They Sold Burger Merch

During a live tour the group earned some extra cash by selling cheap hamburgers to fans on stage for 10 bucks each. The burgers were cooked on stage on a George Foreman Grill, and were later reportedly “stolen” from Randy. The group apparently made 1500 dollars from burger sales alone at a show in Oakland full of hungry drunks and stoners. 

Tupac Is Always Around

Whenever a scene takes place in Lucy’s Trailer, Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” can always be heard playing in the background. 

Why pay for the rights of many songs when you can pay for just one?

The Show Is Episodic

The creators of the show have stated that their intent is to make sure the show stays episodic. This means they want anyone to be able to jump into any episode at random and still be able to follow along and enjoy. There’s no doubt the show is even better when you know the character histories, but it does mean you can force your friends to watch your favorite episode right away instead of starting with the pilot.

Donnie Is Voiced By Mike Smith

Donnie Trailer Park Boys


The unseen screaming neighbor, Donnie, is actually voiced by Mike Smith, who also portrays Bubbles. Donnie’s voice usually only makes appearances in response to loud noises in the trailer park like car crashes or gunshots. Donnie is seen in season 12 on screen, but conveniently has his face blurred out so that Smith can still fill in the voice.

Mike’s Former Rock Days

In the episode “Friends With Benedicts” the song “A Question Of Faith” by the band Sandbox plays in the background in Ricky’s ice rink trailer. Mike Smith who plays Bubbles actually played guitar for the same band in the 90s. 

Let’s see him try to shred some licks with the glasses on.

They Own A Trailer Park

Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park


The first four seasons of Trailer Park Boys were shot in different trailer parks in Nova Scotia, Canada. The first season was filmed in Sackville, the second in Dartmouth, the third in Lakeside, the fourth in Dartmouth again at a different park. For the fifth season and onward the gang bought their own personal trailer park so they could make as much commotion as needed without worrying about residents.

In Need Of Last Names

Ricky, Bubbles, Julia, Trevor, Cyrus, Sarah, Lucy, J-Rock, Tyrone, Ray, and Trinity all have no last name.

This is a surprising one as I thought all their last names were “park boy.”

The Story Behind The Theme

The theme song for Trailer Park Boys is actually not called “Trailer Park Boys Theme,” believe it or not. The original title was “Breeze” and was written by Blaine Morris in an attempt to replicate Tony Bennet’s “I Left My Heart In San Francisco.” The gentle song is the perfect juxtaposition to the chaos that will inevitably follow.

Barrie Dunn Produces The Show

Barrie Dunn, who portrays Ricky’s Dad Ray, is actually a producer on the show as well. Dunn had seen a short film featuring all the characters of what would become Trailer Park Boys and saw the potential for the show. He signed on as a producer, and is one of the main reasons the show was able to made made in the first place. 

Just goes to show you that when all is lost, you can always ask your dad for money.

Bubbles Real Life Bar

Bubbles Mansion


Did you know that Bubbles had his own bar in Halifax? Bubbles Mansion was a bar Mike Smith opened in 2006 centered around his character from the show. Initially the bar was a success, known for their $1 beers, but the city deemed the beers too cheap, and forced a city ordinance hiking the price to $2.50. The bar sales tanked shortly after forcing its closure in 2010.

If $2.50 is too much for a beer, that entire town must be sober by now.

John Dunsworth Came From Theater

Jim Lahey


John Dunsworth, known for portraying Jim Lahey on the show, is actually an accomplished actor. Unlike the other cast members who started making sketches and went from there, Dunsworth began in actual theater productions. He also doesn’t drink alcohol in real life, so all his liquor is either cola mixed with water or iced tea.

Now THAT’S what I call perfect drunk acting.

How Bubbles Got His Glasses

Mike Smith Bubbles


The glasses Bubbles wears have been with Mike Smith long before the show started. His girlfriend found the glasses at a flea market in Texas and bought them for Smith as a gift for 50 cents. Smith would wear them just to make his friends laugh, and eventually they transformed him into the character of Bubbles. 

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