Elon Musk's Twitter Will Stifle New Voices In Gaming

Twitter is about to turn into Super Wario World.
Elon Musk's Twitter Will Stifle New Voices In Gaming

As most know by now, the rampant AI known as Elon Musk has completed the process of assimilating Twitter dot com. That sucks for everyone, but it's especially problematic for marginalized groups. One of the most awesome things the world of gaming has experienced in the last decade was the fresh input brought by people who'd been on mute up until recently. The Twitter we're about to get poses a huge threat to all of that progress. While Elon Musk claims that he acquired the platform in the name of free speech, we're not sure whether he doesn't understand the concept of free speech like he doesn't understand so many other things..

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(We'll do the “he's evil” theory next, but we can't ignore the possibility that the richest man in the world might be dumb.)

..or whether he's evil. Historically, when someone invokes the freedom buzzword in a context in which people are perfectly free already, it means that the person in question actually wants to gain freedom over everyone else's freedom. Musk talks a big talk in regards to freedom of speech, but his actions – the thing that allows free speech to either work or crash and burn, say otherwise. Musk has spent his entire adult life allegedly "shutting up" everyone who tried to stand up to him.

But If there's one thing we can't say about Elon Musk, it's that he doesn't care about games! He spends so much time playing them that even his ex-girlfriend, Grimes, wrote a song about how he spends too long playing video games! Well, let's calm down. That's less about games and more about a game in particular. Its name is The Battle Of Polytopia, a game that Musk describes as extremely complicated, but one that most gamers describe as “actually pretty damn easy”. It looks like this:

Characters from Battle Of Polytopia

Midjiwan AB

We're not joking, It really does look like that. We'll leave it up to the reader to wonder just how complicated it might be.

So even though the “evil” option is still the more likely one, we just cannot discard the “dumb” one, and that's especially terrifying because this is a man who genuinely believes in the bananas hypothesis that we will someday be ruled by an AI that will forever torture the people who didn't help build it.

Does the idea of acquiring the most influential comms algorithm in the history of mankind begin to make sense? It still shouldn't, but what's clear is that Musk's crusade for “free speech” is likely not just to shut up many of his naysayers directly, it's also likely to bring back many of those “warriors of free speech” who died to the legendary “sword of a million political correctnesses” to do the rest of the work.

Imagine having to look at that AI forever.

Top Image: Midjiwan AB


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