How To Donate Old Legos To Kids In Need

The best solution for everyone who's tired of stepping on Legos.
How To Donate Old Legos To Kids In Need


We should all indulge in the fact that being an unapologetic nerd is now legal and even sexy (sometimes), but that doesn't mean we need to keep all of our old Legos lying around. Legos have been kicking all sorts of ass ever since they first came out to introduce children to the concept of happiness, but they've recently been hitting it out of the park for adults as well. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga does a better job than Disney at depicting the relationships among Star Wars characters, and the Lego group seems to want to remain faithful to the balance themes from the Star Wars films. The company is doing it by helping the good-hearted people who want kids in need to gain access to the very didactic toy.. 

Darth Vader from 'Lego Star Wars'

Disney, Lego

..and the evil people who just want them to have more painful obstacles to step on (presumably).

Yeah, even though many of us don't know about it, the Lego Group features an awesome service that allows Lego owners to give their old Legos back to the company so that they can donate them directly to classrooms of children in need.

The process is especially simple. All we have to do is put our Legos in a box and mail it to what we assume is the magical land where wizards conjure these magnificent things. They welcome Technic, Duplo, and Elements bricks, baseplates, and all sorts of Minifigures. The company only asks that we disassemble the sets, being kind enough to ask us not to dismember the Minifigures ourselves (they have facilities for that). It's not mentioned, but we're assuming the company will take care of washing off all the foot blood that's certainly latched on to most of these things.

Top Image: LEGO

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